10 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Improve Personal Branding

04 Jun 2019 | vividreal

Personal Branding renders an entrepreneur trustworthy, appreciated, and successful. Loyalty from customers can be garnered and increased by convincing them that certain shared values are what connects the brand with them.

Branding was a term that used to be associated only with companies and large corporations. Today, however, each individual can be identified as a brand due to an extensive global reach through social media. A personal brand is a constitution of the skills, experiences, and purposes that the person comprises. American writer Seth Godin quotes that “A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

A well-crafted identity, lucidity, legitimacy, and responsibility is what sets a brand in the positive spectrum. The tone of the brand and the messages that you wish the audience to receive depends greatly on the stepping stones used in building the brand. Moreover, the suitability of such a personal image in the targeted market should also be taken into account.

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10 important factors that contribute to your personal brand’s success are listed below. Following a strategic approach to brand building by revering experience over expense itself can be advantageous enough.

  • Research your competitors and the competition they pose. Being unique is possible only if you are updated with the fad. Study intensively about the competition you might face on similar pedestals and choose the aspects that the audience can differentiate you with. Modeling a niche market can be all about standing out from the conventions. It is always better to start with a niche or a narrowed spectrum of your offerings and then to expand the horizon.
  • No compromise on content. Once the platform for the branding procedure is decided, planning out the content is important. List out the factors that make you unique and fashion content around this. Curate the content and gain brand awareness.
  • Cultivate authority by having a say in like-minded groups and industry-related crowds. Social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn have a plethora of interest-specific groups. Experience and knowledge can be gained by joining such groups and partaking in the discussions and threads. Sharing relevant information can help in building trust and accountability in that community which can later translate into brand authority.
  • Portray purpose. Each content update and online verbiage you make must be in accordance with your personal brand. Each individual action and daily updates stack up to the building of your brand.
  • The need for networking. Network building and sustaining (both online and offline) caters greatly to the needs of a successful personal brand. Entrepreneurs must stay in touch with others in the industry including innovators and leaders in order to stay ahead of the game as well as garner the respect needed to become a leading brand. Offline networking too can work miracles. Attending professional events pertaining to your industry along with public speaking conferences can boost your offline influence and be much more impactful.
  • Constancy is paramount. The public reveres constancy and is loyal to the brands that portray regularity in their marketing efforts. With the persistent use of social media marketing techniques and content marketing strategy, the brand name will be etched into the minds of the users.
  • Combine brand values into meaningful actions to establish credibility. Your personal brand will be of no value if it ceases to be credible. Testimonials and positive feedback, when promoted in pertinent presentation, allow prospects to sense trustworthiness in your opinion or product thus boosting credibility.
  • Deal with your defects. Successfully branded individuals and influential personalities are considered flawless in every aspect of their personal lives. However, honestly sharing a few of the setbacks that you faced and more importantly the lessons you learned from them will give people a more relatable experience and the optimism that if you could achieve it, so can they. To err is human, to share is divine.
  • Paint everything in your brand’s colours. Every aspect of your life must be viewed from the angle of your brand and its values. It takes a brand that is truly defined with a unique style and distinct personality to view everything through the brand lens.
  • Be an expert. Personal branding strategies could be rendered obsolete if you do not work hard and become an expert in the field that your brand is promoting. Investing in yourself is important. You must know the niche of your choice inside out. You must never stop learning and broadening your prowess.

Personal branding is inevitable when it comes to developing a professional persona and reputation. Appreciate your personal pros and cons and devote yourself to incessant education. Learn to relate to the audience through your stories.

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