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18 Apr 2019

Imagine being a store owner. Relief is seeing your customers standing at the checkout queue with their shopping carts full of commodities. Now imagine one of them simply leaving. Then one-by-one most of them leave, their shopping carts full but abandoned. Depressing right? Be it physical or digital, cart abandonment is a nightmare for shop…

03 Apr 2019
The What, the Why, and the How of User ID Tracking
The User ID Tracking feature of Google Analytics is essential to track the activities of a single user across...
03 Apr 2019
Facebook Ad Metrics: 2019 Updates
In an effort to provide more actionable insights, Facebook has announced the replacement of a few of their Ad...
29 Mar 2019
A Realtor’s Digital Marketing Manual
A man, wealthy and wise, once went to buy a house. It was located across the river that flowed like time, always...
28 Mar 2019
Remodeling for Returns: Maximizing ROI from your Content.
“It must be a piece of art. A slice of my imagination. It should reflect my innermost thoughts and resonate...
18 Mar 2019
DIY Business Workflow Automations with Zapier
“Time is Money” said Benjamin Franklin in his book titled 'Advice to a Young Tradesman' back in the early...
15 Mar 2019
What is a 301 Redirect?
‘301’ might not ring any bells for most people unless you are a web developer or an SEO professional.
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