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22 Jan 2021

The ones acquainted with the world of coding might be aware of the sores it can give you. Continuously laying them out one by one can be very tiring as well as complicated. It is times like these when you can make use of effective PHP frameworks.  Laravel is one such framework that helps web…

15 Dec 2020
Barnacle SEO: Leverage the authority of top-ranking websites
Everything on the internet today is concerned with
04 Dec 2020
Microsoft Clarity: The next-generation analytics tool
To all the Analytics enthusiasts out there, Microsoft recently announced a free analytics...
19 Nov 2020
How to Fix Facebook oEmbed Issue in WordPress
Have you been using the default embed feature on your WordPress site to embed content from...
10 Nov 2020
The Complete Guide to Facebook Dynamic Ads
Consumers these days are so immune to ads that there arose a need for marketers to hit them...
10 Nov 2020
JavaScript SEO: The Things You Need to Know
JavaScript is a programming language that can be used to design interactive and dynamic web...
10 Nov 2020
Fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error on WordPress site
Ever encountered a 504 Gateway timeout error on your WordPress site? Has it resulted in making...
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