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14 Jun 2019

Before we begin, let's come to terms with some hard facts: “Around 96% of Ad clicks do not convert.” Shocking, isn’t it? Why are the clicks not turning into leads? Why should I burn a hole in my pocket for just a bunch of useless clicks that generate no value for my business? Where did…

04 Jun 2019
10 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Improve Personal Branding
Personal Branding renders an entrepreneur trustworthy, appreciated, and successful. Loyalty from customers can...
24 May 2019
What is Email Automation & Why it Matters
Let’s walk through the story of Busy Barry. Barry, who owned a traditional...
15 May 2019
Perks of Predictive Analytics in Marketing
Predictive intelligence isn’t exactly an avant-garde approach. For decades, analytics tools have been utilized...
15 May 2019
Display Ads Vs Emails: Which Works Better for Retargeting?
Imagine that you walk into a retail clothing store, try on a few apparels and finally decide to buy them. But...
06 May 2019
How to Write Marketing Case Studies that Convert

Who would have imagined case studies as one of the oldest constructive methods of content marketing?

03 May 2019
The Incomplete Guide to Psychology in Digital Marketing

This is a guide. A guide to human psychology. It’s also about digital marketing. But it’s incomplete. You are going...

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