10 Ways to Drive Your Website Traffic in 2020

05 May 2020 | vividreal
10 Ways to Drive Your Website Traffic in 2020

You have a great product/service to offer and have meticulously put up a website for it. Now, these efforts pay off only when you’re able to sell on your website. The end goal is not to achieve high website traffic, but to drive sales and conversion. If there exists no quality traffic, then there is no point in expecting a conversion out of it.

A lot of options already exist, where some of them demand effort, some require time, while some costs you money. These options can be easily googled out since there already exist loads of content based on this. 

The number of ways to boost website traffic is increasing every day. Clinging on to those old methods won’t be a sustainable option. So even if you already have quality traffic, experimenting on these new ways would be ideal for optimizing the already existing one.

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So let’s get started and find out 10 new ways to drive your website traffic in 2020! 

A well maintained Google My Business Profile 

Optimizing your Google My Business profile can be of great help to you in 2020! Make sure to fill out all the fields in Google My Business profile. This ensures that essential and relevant details like services, location, contact number, reviews, photos, etc that a person seeks are readily available at their fingertips. 

Mentioning all the fields can make the viewer feel that the business is genuine. This profile can direct the customer to visit the website. Since this improves accessibility, an optimized Google My Business listing can directly aid in driving more quality traffic to your website. 

Google Maps Ad

Most sales happen offline. Running local search ads on Google Maps can be helpful since it increases accessibility. People usually check for a product/service availability online when they don’t know about the providers directly. 

When a person searches for a product/service near them, Google maps shows up some optimized Google My Business profiles. This makes the website more accessible to the public. Using a local search ad on Google Maps can offer chances of displaying your profile at the top of the search results, even if you don’t possess an optimized profile. 

Every time the profile gets exposure, the chances of your website traffic shooting up are high. Ultimately the point is to have a conversion/sale, which can be directly done by a Google My Business profile without even a website visit!  

Create List blog post

Suppose someone is scanning through the Search Engine Results Pages, a search result with a number in the title instantly grabs the person’s attention. The other psychological reason behind this is the number makes the reader feel that the content inside is crisp and legit. 

List Post Example

This makes the user hover the cursor above the link and finally click on the post amongst the other links. And this way, your website visit numbers improve!

Use Facebook groups

People engage better in Facebook groups than on a page because it’s a more private space. It’s a medium to communicate and engage directly with the customers. You can create your own group as well as post in already existing groups. 

Use Facebook Groups

An active Facebook group in the name of the business can bring in a sense of inclusiveness in people’s minds. It can be used as a space to share exclusive offers for the members, initiate a conversation, gain customer insights, etc.

Also, you can identify and join certain active Facebook groups with members who can relate to your business, who want to associate with it, or maybe even buy it. 

These activities happening inside the groups promote the brand and in turn drive them to visit the website at least once.

YouTube video

YouTube is free to use for everyone with no storage capacity restriction, even if it’s for business purposes.  It’s the biggest host for video content in the world, making it the most used platform video viewing. 

Post content regularly based on your niche/business while keeping in mind the YouTube trends. Posting interesting content can help in driving them to the website. There are best months, dates, and times to post content on YouTube. Weekday evenings and weekends are the peak viewing times generally since it’s the time when the youth relaxes after their work/studies.

YouTube Video

The point is to attract people to the website, by informing them about the latest discount or the benefits which the product/service offers, simply demonstrate products/services, and so on.

Transcribe your video

We know how Google crawlers work. Search engines don’t crawl videos. But our videos offer valuable content that could have helped in improving the page rank. Now, if the video is transcribed, bots can crawl and help in indexing and ranking.

For deaf viewers or people who are playing the video in a sound-prohibited environment (say, while moving on public transport), a transcribed text can be of great help. Apart from the fact that it offers a chance for ranking high in the search results, it provides a better user experience as well. 

In this way, transcribing videos improves incoming traffic. So make it a practice to transcribe your videos.

Make use of YouTube Advertising

Don’t you think the amount of YouTube Ads you see these days has increased, the numbers three months before have changed? Well, the clear reason is that this platform offers a wider reach. YouTube is a widely used content viewing platform, so there is no better idea than to advertise on it.

Use a TrueView for action format campaigns. These campaigns are made up of CTAs, a headline, an end screen, and most importantly you can include site links to a specific product/service page on your website. Since this platform has the potential to reach the right audience, investing your money on YouTube Ads is not a bad idea after all! 

Repurpose the content

Staying relevant on the online platform requires you to constantly show up with quality content. This demands a lot of effort from your side. Reusing your already published creative works can be great. 

Try converting blogs into podcasts, old blogs into readable guides or eBooks. You can prepare visually interactive content such as infographics out of old content, or make a great video out of them. 

Keep reminding the clients about your business by sharing interesting content from the past blogs via newsletters/email series.  Combining all client queries into a FAQ page, transforming your Quora Q&A into a blog are other useful forms of content repurposing. 

Repurpose Content illustration

Remember, the more you’re out there, the more you’ll be noticed. When your content gets exposure, your brand attains a better reach, driving website traffic.

Explore low ranking content ideas

Find out content ideas with low rank on the web, and publish a blog post on those topics on the website. These can be the topics that are constantly searched for, and not many articles exist online for public reference. These topics are easier to rank for. So publishing them on the website can increase the chances of driving your website traffic. 

Write for low ranking content ideas

Instagram Influencers 

Asking or paying “Instagram Influencers” to promote your brand is a very effective practice nowadays. This works because these influencers have a dedicated and credible follower base. The followers feel the product/service is genuine for the same reason. These influencers can post in the feed as well as put an interactive story with your website link (the “Swipe Up” extension) or even go live to promote the brand.

Instgram Influencer illustration

Another important fact to understand is that people know these are paid promotions and may not even consider checking the website. So the best way is to involve micro-influencers rather than big celebrity-like influencers. Their personal experiences and reviews are more believable to the followers. 

Most micro-influencers are ready to use and review the product/service for free without taking any payment, making them a more feasible option. Celebrity-like influencers do not actively engage with their followers while micro-influencers have higher engagement rates.  

This is a great way to establish credibility for your brand and drive in more traffic to the website!

Collaborate with other brands

Make a list of brands that you would want to collaborate with. These brands can be related to your product/service or not; the focus should be on the exposure and benefits from the collaboration. Contact them and follow up if required. Collaborations can be done through Instagram and YouTube mainly since these platforms are widely used. 

The collaboration can result in gaining attention from the other brand’s users and eventually driving them to your website.

One example of the most popular brand collaborations is Spotify-Uber collaboration. Uber, the world-famous cab-hiring platform and Spotify being the popular music-streaming platform can together cater to the need for a comfortable travel experience. They can together provide value to their customers by offering a Uber ride with Spotify music!

Some more techniques you already know, just in case you missed out!

    • You should post regularly on social media. Make it a practice to include relevant hashtags in your posts.
    • Use a 1:1 video for Facebook, and a widescreen format for YouTube videos.
    • Long-tail keywords are keywords that may have low competition, but they are the more specific ones. Specific phrases are valuable since there are more people using voice assistants these days. So figure out your long-tail keyword from Google Ads search term report and use them wherever possible!
    • Broadcast live video on Facebook live, Instagram live story and YouTube live and direct viewers to the website. Live streaming can attract more people to visit your website.
    • Giveaways are a way of adding value to the customer and improving the business.
    • Retarget Facebook Ads.
    • Use website traffic checking tools like compete.com, Alexa, SEMrush to spy on competitors.


Growth demands you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new concepts.  Constantly work on different methods that can drive website traffic. Create activities frequently and connect with the people. 

It is also important to work more efficiently on the traffic source which yields you better traffic. So filter the traffic coming to your website and Identify where it came from. 

Use qualitative tools that generate heatmap results, because these heat maps show where a visitor has clicked, the extent to which they have scrolled down, etc giving a better picture of the visitor activity. Use this quick form of feedback and identify the converting sources inside your website.

Always make sure you keep your website clean! Constantly provide content that is relevant and necessary. The content that makes sense to the website visitors will help in achieving a better website rank.  And a better rank can ensure more future website visitors. 

If all of this seems confusing to you, do not worry! Our team of experts can definitely help you get high-quality traffic to your website.

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