12 Tips to Increase Facebook Lead Quality

16 Oct 2020 | vividreal
12 Tips to Increase Facebook Lead Quality

The motive of running lead generation campaigns is to gain quality leads. Collecting too many leads isn’t the achievement, instead,  the leads that could potentially turn into paying customers is what that matters. 

You can’t compromise on lead quality for multiple reasons. The direct reason is that your ad revenue would get wasted for nothing. And the indirect reason is that your ad would get optimized for cold leads. Facebook analyzes the users who convert as leads and optimizes the delivery for similar people. It would all go wrong if the campaigns get optimized for those cold leads.

In case you’re in need of professional help to effectively create, monitor, and optimize Facebook Ads campaigns for your business, our team of Facebook Ads experts will be glad to help you out! 

That being said, in this article, we’ll be discussing 12 tips that will help you increase lead quality for your Facebook lead generation campaigns.

1. Ask Relevant Questions in the Forms

Ask specific and relevant questions through your lead form. Users without a strong intent will find it difficult or/and annoying to answer questions that go into specific details regarding them. For example, you’re running a campaign to generate leads for an educational course in your institution. You can ask specific questions related to the course, such as the subjects they opted in the past in their career, the subjects that want to opt-in this course, and more. Now, you get leads only from candidates who are genuinely interested to enroll.

Adding too many specific questions and pages to the lead forms scare most marketers since they fear increasing cost per lead. But what is the point of running a lead generation campaign if it quality leads? Asking additional questions doesn’t discourage your quality leads. This saves a lot of time for your sales team because they don’t have to waste their time and effort going behind leads with inadequate intent. 

2. Target Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences help you reach a new set of people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers. Facebook allows you to target your existing customers as well as find users similar to them in terms of shared demographics, shared interests, and shared categories.

Targeting a small group of very specific users makes your Cost-per-Click or Cost-per-Impression is very low. And high click-through-rates per 1000 views mean more conversions for every penny spent. Thus the returns from a Facebook Ad campaign increase as it reduces the cost per lead. 

3. Minimalistic Ad Creative

Less is more! Do not crowd the image or video too much with elements like text and graphics. This will not attract people as well as could confuse the person who views it. Invest your time in creating a captivating creative that stands out for your Facebook lead generation ads. Use a shot that stands out from the crowd, use filters on your picture, use contrasting colors and white spaces to add visual contrast to the image/video, be creative, and most importantly avoid using generic stock imagery. 

4. Write a Realistic Ad Copy

The Ad copy is equally important as its Ad creative. It is the next important element that people go for after checking the ad creative. Thus, it should be written to entice the viewer to click on the ad. A fancy ad copy may buy you some clicks, but not quality leads. Most people get lost in the content creation process that they forget to make it sound realistic. Even a single piece of misleading information can seriously affect your lead quality. While writing the ad copy, make sure that you put out genuine facts and offers. By doing this you’re not risking on your valuable potential leads, instead, you’re discouraging Facebook users from clicking the ad out of pure curiosity.

For example, suppose you’re running a campaign for your car dealership store, for selling a new range of cars. And you intend to give a special offer for people above 40 years. In this case, you can specifically mention this additional offer in the ad copy to gain quality clicks. 

5. Offers (Free & Clear)

Everyone loves getting free stuff. You can use offers to introduce your product or service to your audience and win quality leads from it. You don’t have to directly start running a lead generation campaign. Instead, you can run campaigns to introduce the product/service initially and then launch a lead generation campaign. It is much easier to collect contact information after getting their attention. Now, you can use this data to nurture a relationship with them and retain them.  

You can offer a variety of gifts or resources in exchange for someone’s email address/contact information depending on your product or service. A few of them are :

  • Ebooks
  • Checklists/ cheat sheets/ resource guides/ tip sheets/ FAQ sheets
  • Worksheets/ workbooks
  • Email courses
  • Webinars/ webinar recordings
  • Calendars/ action plans
  • Industry reports
  • Case studies
  • Live demos/ tutorials
  • On-demand video training/ courses
  • Contests
  • Quizzes
  • Product samples/ free trials
  • Consultations/ 1:1 calls

Free stuff excites as well as deceives people. An exaggerated offer gives out misleading information to the public and affects the lead quality. So, ensure that the offer you make is very clear that it becomes easy for the viewer on what to expect once they click on your ad at a glance. Tell them what they will get in return for giving away their personal information. Also, ensure that the ad title, creative, copy, and call to action button suffices the offer you make.

6. Add a Video 

Videos are incredibly good at luring viewers and encouraging them to click on your CTA besides being a powerful asset to deliver your message. You can include a clear CTA at the beginning and end of your videos. A video can reach a wider audience by using engaging and entertaining content, further attracting quality leads. 

Create videos that are of high quality, shorter length, and one that builds anticipation in the viewers. Also, ensure that the initial part of the video is a compelling one since most users only watch about a third of the way through Facebook videos. 

7. Analyze the Customer Lifecycle Stage

Pay close attention to your customer lifecycle journey while planning your Facebook strategy. As we already discussed, not everyone in your audience will be actively looking for your products and services at all times. So, you need to identify the stage of your audience in their customer lifecycle and trigger actions to advance them into the next stage of their purchase journey.

Start by showing them your brand video, and later on ask them to fill out the form for your lead campaign (Facebook Video View Engagement to Facebook Lead Ads). Thereby, you can nurture your existing leads into paying customers and cut cold leads if the customer lifecycle is monitored consistently.

8. Give Multiple Options on Lead Form

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of asking specific questions (even though the lead form gets long) in the lead form. While including the questions, try to include offers that will help you better refine the leads. You can filter out the leads that are not instantly up for your products but could potentially be in the future. This can be done by offering the prospect with two options while they fill-up the form. 

For example, you can give them an option to choose from something like “I’d like a quote” and “I’m just looking for more info”. If they choose the former one, it means that they are immediately interested in converting; while the latter will mean that they are not so urgent leads. The option they choose will help you with some insight into the stage they are in the customer lifecycle. Now, depending on this, you can prioritize leads that are interested in your services immediately and build a database for the ones who might need further nurturing (separate campaigns, follow-ups, etc).

9. Add Context Cards (Intro Section) to Your Instant Forms  

By now, you know the importance of providing the right information to people and how it can influence in bringing quality leads from your campaigns. You can tell the people what they’re signing up for before they submit their lead form. A context card is a tile that pops up soon after someone clicks on the lead ad. Since this appears before a person gets to the form,  it gives businesses a place to offer more details on the information people are signing up for. For example, if your lead generation campaign was to find new email subscribers, then you can use a context card to explain the type of content you’ll offer in the emails.  

10. Automate Follow-Up Process 

When you’re running advanced ads, you need to plan to manage the data you collect in a reliable way. You can’t afford to make an error while dealing with too much potential information. While running a sequence of campaigns, you shouldn’t be doubling up and targeting people after they have converted. Also, the GDPR and privacy concerns will force you to remove people from your Facebook audience lists once they opt-out of receiving communications from you and unsubscribe from your CRM. 

And you can’t always capture data on Facebook, download it, then upload it to your CRM system. So use any CRM software to handle this for you so that you don’t have to waste time on tasks that don’t add any value to the customer experience. Since these softwares automatically updates exclusion audiences, it will help you reduce wasted ad spend, and deliver higher quality ads to your audience. 

Also, Facebook lets you sync with CRM products like Salesforce and Airtable to automate communication with new leads and to manage processes better.

11. Use Ad Formats that Supports Your Message

Facebook started out with a single ad format and later expanded it to cater to different businesses and their marketing needs.  You can use Photo, Video, Carousel, Slideshow, Collection, and Messenger for your ads depending upon what best fits your business goal. 

Photos can convey your message to the public in no time, while videos can be storytellers with sight, sound, and motion. You can use the carousel ad format to show multiple images or videos in a single ad. Each subsequent slide in the carousel can be used to narrate your story progressively (such that each slide brings in a sense of curiosity). While using slideshows will help you create video ads to connect with people across connection speeds. Collections can be used to tell a story with a single ad showcasing your business. And, you can help people start conversations with your business using messenger ads. Finally, you need to map your business goals and choose the ad format that you think will help improve your conversions and make your leads pour in.

12. UX in Multiple Devices

Consider user experience across multiple devices while running your Facebook lead campaign. Although instant forms offer a range of innovative features, some of them may not work across all the devices. For example, a handy feature like booking an appointment cannot be done through a desktop, but only through mobile phones. So, you need to make adjustments considering the devices your audience uses. A part of your potential target audience won’t get to see your ad just because they’re not on mobile. Hence cutting any chance of engagement from them, further reducing the effectiveness of your lead ads.


Take your Facebook lead generation campaigns seriously. Use these tips to capture hot leads at a better price. Design your lead generation forms in such that it discourages cold leads. Thereby, ensure that the targeting is really hitting the right spot while optimizing.

Create your campaigns such that your potential lead thinks twice before filling out the form. Utilize and experiment with the settings, text fields, and customizable questions to your advantage. Make a checklist of mistakes you’ve made, the improvements & changes you need to make while running your campaign, and run your future campaigns. 

And if you require any professional help, feel free to connect with us. We have a team of Facebook Ad experts to assist you to improve your lead quality.

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