How to Create a Persuasive About Us Page that Converts?

01 Jul 2020 | vividreal
How to Create a Persuasive About Us Page that Converts?

The About Us page is a web page that is as important as any product or service page, yet not regarded the same by many. But an eye-catchy, persuasive About Us page can work wonders for your brand and business. It is an important medium through which you can convince your first-time site visitor to do business with you. If this page is effectively created, people would consider buying from you or joining your community. 

Most companies regard this step as insignificant in making any changes to their conversion numbers. They end up pasting the company description on the About Us page.

The About Us page tells the public who you are in a nutshell. It should never be boring and monotonous if you plan to attract people with it. It isn’t somewhere you just blatantly write up about how big your company is, the company’s years of expertise, where it is based, the company’s specialities, whether it’s a public company, private or family-owned business, and many more. 

Now you would question how different the approach we propose is from the traditional one. Well, you need to include all the above-mentioned information, agreed. But it should be put up in a way that lures the page visitor to read and instil some amount of trust in them so that they eventually convert. 

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If you haven’t given much thought to your About Us page yet, learn how to create a persuasive About Us page using our suggestions. Read on to find them out.


Give the content a human touch by narrating a story. Often, people are influenced by the story of real people.  You can tell the story of the company’s top leader through the About Us page. 

You don’t necessarily have to be wordy about it, you can narrate it as a quick story, or even limit to a single tagline something like what Google does. Google’s tagline says, “From Garage to the Googleplex”, which talks about its humble beginnings in a garage to its current world domination. Google smartly provides general information about the company precisely in the left pane for people who expect concise information and a detailed one on the right. 

A completely text-based content would have demanded more of the user’s time & energy over an image-based content. You can depict the company’s journey through a visual timeline. Such visual timelines wouldn’t bore the reader since viewing an image/infographic with a mini description (along with the year of occurrence) is a simple and convenient way of scanning through the content. For example, HubSpot talks about its history, displaying the chain of events that happened from the past through a  timeline.

HubSpot About Us Page Example-How to Create a Persuasive About Us Page that Converts?

Give it a Personal Touch

The About Us page shouldn’t limit its content with what a third party has to say about your company. An About Us page with basic information won’t help in your conversion because it’s stiff and emotionless.

If you sound very sophisticated to the page visitor, then they won’t probably read any further. Use first person (I) or first-person plural (we) depending on what suits your company throughout your content. This gives the content a human touch. Abort using the corporate language there, and start sounding more conversational to your audience. 

You should be using a friendly and likeable tone all through the content. We already mentioned why you should be storytelling. While narrating your story, ensure that it feels authentic, sincere, and personal. Add a comic element in your content, and be casual. The regular tone of writing can be dull and boring. Moreover, the style of writing and the way of presenting your page should reflect the personality of your company and brand. 

Clear Facts, Please!

You would mention a lot of things on your Home page, and various other services pages. You don’t have to narrate the same thing on the About Us page, moreover, such a long, detailed, historical summary will bore your reader. Narrate your actual story of achievement without boasting; find a balance between facts and fiction. 

Give the page visitors at least one good reason to do business with you or buy from you. Let them know the value your product/service could provide them. Using both facts and figures assures the page visitor clarity. For example, if you say that using your software service would increase the user’s productivity by 40%, it is a clear fact supported by a figure.

Tell them the solutions that you offer to solve the problem they face. Tell them the benefits they are going to gain using your product/service. Make them understand that you’re qualified and capable to offer the service or product you sell. You can tell about the number of years that you’ve been in the business to validate your qualifications. Narrate the milestones that the company achieved throughout the company’s history. You can mention the growth and transition of the company, whether the company moved to bigger facilities, or if the company was acquired by another company.

Include Videos

Everyone knows the impact of a video in conveying a message. Including videos on any landing page is a good idea after all. When you have got a lot of information to convey in the About Us page and need to do it without boring the viewer, then it’s ideal to choose video as a medium to share it. 

The variety of contents that could be included in a video is countless. You can give a glimpse behind the scenes, employee and client stories, a day inside the company, give proof for what makes your product/service unique from others, narrate the company history, and more.

Key Information Above the Fold

Most of the people are in a hurry scanning through the pages of your website. And they would intend to just glance through the About Us page.  People spend most of the time looking at the information located above the fold (many studies using heat maps proved this fact) because they can view it without scrolling down. In such a case, mentioning your key information, or value proposition above the fold content of the page is important. 

Imagine That You are the Audience

Imagining yourself as the audience is similar to knowing your buyer persona. While deciding on the contents to be put on the About Us page, imagine who is most likely to be reading it, and visualize your prospective customers. Ultimately people convert only if they feel their needs can be addressed by your product/service. Predict their wants and needs, likes, and dislikes. Even the way you deliver the content should depend on the age, demographics, interest, etc of the people who are going to visit your website for the product/service that you provide. 

Include CTAs

Do not limit the About Us page just by telling about the company. You can direct them to take your desired action. Include CTAs relevant to your business on the About Us page. For example, if you’re selling some software, ask them to click the button and try the free trial. You can include any CTA and persuade them to convert right there.  

Similarly, some possible CTAs can be used to persuade them to Browse the catalogue, sign up the blog, subscribe to the newsletter, or schedule a consultation.

Use Structured Data

Include structured data for your About Us page. Adding structured data can help Google in crawling and indexing your website better. These additional pieces of information help Google in understanding what your page content has to offer. 

Providing clues for the Google crawlers to interpret the page content helps in site ranking. Generate schema for your About Us page from The most appropriate schema that you can choose is Organization schema which also links to your official social media channels, making it easy for Google to make those important associations.

Be Specific

Think about all your client interactions from the past, it could have been through social media, phone calls with them, or even through direct interaction such as meetings. All these interactions would have some client queries or concerns in common. 

Your prospects expect clarity from your part. Do not claim what your product/service is unable to accomplish. For example, if your company sells washing machines which can save energy, and last longer compared to other competitors, you can boost your claims with specifics. You can say how your product can save on energy costs per month and the number of years the washing machine will last. 

Sometimes your content might be specific, but may not look like one. This can be due to the lengthy written content on the page. Break them into small pieces until you feel they are uncrowded. Along with that, incorporate subheads, bullets, and graphics to show that your content is crisp and specific. 

What do You Choose, an About Us Website or a Webpage?

Depending on the scale of your business, you can decide whether you need to maintain a separate domain for About Us or include it under the same domain as a single page. If your brand name is actively searched online and your scale of business is huge, you can dedicate an entire domain for About Us as a website. You would think what is there to showcase in a whole website. The fact is that there is plenty of information/content that can be put up on the website. You can describe your company’s values, provide a glimpse into day-to-day operations, and share the leadership narrative. 

One example of this is Amazon’s About Us website, Under this domain, Amazon discusses its principles, work culture, awards, recognitions, jobs, various services, a lot of things that happen inside the company, and more. And they widely use blogs on this website.

You can continue with a single About Us page under your website if your brand isn’t actively searched.


Your approach for creating content for the About Us page matters a lot. Remember that it is an opportunity to build a relationship with prospective customers. 

Your website might have a separate contact page, yet it is good to mention your company’s location on your About Us page because such details are much relatable to common people.

The writing style should be in such a way that you’re speaking to an individual, not a company or group of people. Every visitor (may or may not be a part of a company) is an individual entity and your aim should be to build a relationship with them. 

Imagine that you are meeting your page visitor in person. Think about what is important for them to know about you, imagine how you would keep them engaged, and will they be able to relate to what you’ve got to tell them. 

If you want a quick test for clarity, ask someone who doesn’t know about your business to have a look at your About Us page. Ask them what they think your business does and why it’s successful. Your page is fine if they are able to answer this!

Update the About Us page with the same enthusiasm you invest for other pages of your website because there is always room for improvement. 

Finally, the About Us page doesn’t have to contain all the information on a single page. It can be a junction where all the content for the company website meets. And from there it can connect all the dots around your brand, be it your mission statement, media coverage, blog, contact information, or anything else. 

Still, feeling unsure? We’ve got you covered. Connect with our team of content creators and expand your business right now!

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