How to get backlinks in 2020

15 Oct 2020 | vividreal
How to get backlinks in 2020

One who is acquainted with SEO will know the prominence of backlinks and how they can aid your webpages. So what are backlinks exactly?

Backlinks are links directed from referrer websites to other web resources or referents. They help in increasing organic traffic to your page. Your backlink profile will consist of backlinks that external websites have provided you and this will be a determining factor of the authenticity, validity, and overall status of your domain’s authority.

The way this works is – when someone clicks on external links on your page, you get referral traffic. Likewise, if other websites have linked to your pages, this again boosts traffic to your site. The pages with a higher number of backlinks tend to attain higher ranking on all major search engines. The chances are even higher for pages with backlinks from websites with very high domain authority. It’s like votes from other websites. They provide a certificate of assurance to the readers that the content on your website is worth it. 

There are two forms of backlinks – inbound or incoming links, and outbound links. When someone links to your site, these backlinks are referred to as inbound or incoming links. While outbound links are the external links that you add to your page.

What backlinks should you look for

1. Quality Backlinks:

The backlinks that come from a high domain website, which are certified and trusted by both users and search engines.

2. Ones without “nofollow” tag:

Even though you are provided with backlinks from some websites, it’s not always necessary that they are taken into account. If your backlink contains a “nofollow” tag, it means that you reap no benefit out of it.

We will be addressing what exactly these two are and the ways to tackle them in the following sections.

Keep reading and you’ll get to know more about ways to get backlinks and how to crack SERP codes with it. Let’s get started.

How to build your links

It is important to get backlinks from websites with a High Domain Authority. Getting backlinks from them counts more than ordinary websites. These websites should be relevant in terms of your niches as well as a trusted source over the web.

1. Market your Backlinks 

This is similar to branding yourselves. Publicize your links through your contacts and ask them to share it.

2. Engage with people through comment sections

 This will accelerate your chances of getting discovered. Make your words heard and make yourself noticeable so that people will approach you directly.

3. Schedule your uploads and publications

 Build a discipline for your content, making it more authentic and original. When you are regular in publishing content, it will be easy for people to track your posts. Delays in publishing schedules will have an air of ambiguity and this can give more space to your competitors.

4. Guest blogging

It is another way of popularizing your name. Lookup for collaborations and interviews. Here, you can also add details to your blog in your own words. For example, if you are creating content on Food Habits, you can track posts related to fitness, wellbeing, and diet. Then contact the publishers and ask them to give you slots for publishing articles that correlate to both parties. Further, you can also look into their existing posts and ask them for backlinks to areas you have already addressed.

5. Expand your Niche

 Look for platforms within your niche that help build your connections to other established, skilled and experienced authors. These platforms could even start with social network sites like Facebook to professional networking sites like LinkedIn. 

If you’re looking to build a good backlink profile for your business, contact our SEO experts to help you out.

6. Attention to Anchor text

Use appropriate anchor text. The clicks you get depends a lot on the wordings used in your anchor text. To make it clickable, try and include your target keywords in the anchor text.

7. Choose your content wisely

Choose topics that cover broader spectrums. This requires thorough research and could take days of work in terms of research on keywords and content. But this will result in giving you quality backlinks. 

8. NoFollow alert

Beware of ‘nofollow’ tags attached to your backlink. Backlinks received with this tag generate no good to you since it will not be counted for rankings.- How to detect them?

First, right-click on your browser and you’ll see an option ‘View Page Source’. Then in the HTML of the page, look for the link. Here if you get to see a rel= “nofollow”, it means the link provided is a nofollow link. You have to check if it’s ‘dofollow’ to make it crawlable.

Know your Techniques

Understand the need to be well versed in the technical developments, advancements, and trends in this world of SEO and SERP. There are a few tactics that will enable you to break that cocoon.

1. Know your Niche

Stay updated in and around your niche. Look for keywords that generate more possible backlinks.

2. Improve your Domain Authority

Try to make your way to domain authority websites. The domain authority of a particular website can be understood to be its level of authenticity in the niche it belongs to. The relevance of your website will have an undeviating effect on your SERP ranking. 

3. Quality Comes First

Make your content worth linking. For this, add effective examples of the scenarios you tend to address, include videos, data, guides, and tutorials that people shall reach out to. This data will remain exclusive to your website. Our team of Google Analytics experts at Vividreal is equipped with graded data visualization tools and can provide you with aesthetically pleasing as well as comprehensible data reports according to your requirements.

4. Oust Error 404 links

Look for outdated backlinks in high domain authority websites (ERROR 404). There are times when links existing in websites are unavailable or broken with time. This can result from various reasons like the domain might be deleted or expired for being inactive or some technical errors like update failures.  Keep exploring for links like these and notify the authorities of that web page. 

Create high-quality content and request these websites to include your links instead of the broken links. Make sure these pages fall under your niche and remember to update your web page in its best and updated form.

5. Reviews and comments

Try posting reviews or comments on other blogs,  influential people, brands, or products. Chances are that they will repost your content or provide you with backlinks. You can then reach out to them and provide your link (you can manage this using a Link Building Tool). This will help in expanding and widening your reach. 

6. Link Gap Analysis

Link Gap Analysis works similarly to that of finding keywords and analyzing them. This will help you identify and analyze the links that your competitors receive. With this knowledge, you can investigate why they are given more priority. Once you identify why your competitors get priority in getting backlinks, you can work on your website accordingly to meet the criteria. With time you can make your ways to those links pushing back your competitors. You can use Tools like Backlink Gap or Ahref to make this process more convenient.

7. Engage and Engage

Try out your hands at popping up on websites like Quora or Academia. Eg: Somebody asks for ways to increase organic traffic – Here you can brief on the importance of keywords and insights for like 4 to 5 sentences and then you can add “I have discussed this matter further in this article of mine, Do check that out” with this provide your link.  

8. Roundup Alerts

Don’t Miss Roundup posts. There are round-up blogs published regularly in and around. Look out for similar sites that include your niche. Since they are published on stable schedules, it’s a high chance that they will need fresh content most of the time. Find them and email them along with your link. This can be easily accessed on Google by searching “keyword” + roundup and this will provide you with details of such roundups. 


At the end of the day, if you are least concerned about organic traffic, you can go on and boost your profile and posts with a Digitally Backed up PR team and sponsorships. We at Vividreal can help you run Online  Ad campaigns to improve your online visibility, build awareness, and generate reach.

What really helps in providing you backlinks lies in your popularity in terms of content and profile. Provide links that are worth backlinking and promote yourselves to online platforms. Build your systematic connections and make yourself heard loud in the digital and online alcove.

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