Localization for Increased Customer Retention

02 Nov 2020 | vividreal
Localization for Increased Customer Retention

The major goal of any business establishment is to deliver the best possible output to clients and customers. It would be a very difficult task to understand what they seek and to deliver them services just the right way. Well, localization is one such mechanism by which you can give them the very best experience of your products and services. 

The biggest plus point of localization is that you can work inclusively by accommodating the diversities of your client. This will help you acquire their trust and satisfaction. You might be familiar with the popular phase – The world is your oyster. The world has people with lots of diversities and to get the best out of that oyster, you need to have a detailed understanding of ways to acquire the pearls it has.

Localization: What and How?

Localization is a process in which you tailor products, services, marketing, and content for a particular location by taking into consideration the linguistic peculiarities and cultural diversities of that location. This can be misinterpreted as the process of translation, but it is very different from it. 

Translation is the process of converting words or sentences from one language to another where the meanings and context remain the same. Localization is a more complex procedure, where the cultural, non- textual elements are also taken into account along with linguistic aspects during the process of adapting a service or product from another locale. Localization requires extra attention and if you are successful in achieving it, it will mark your entrance to the international market.

It is a very effective mechanism to ensure retention marketing which means building engaging, promising long-term relationships with your customers. When you tend to focus more on what your customer seeks, you will gain more respect and loyalty from them in return. Practising this will help you have an upper hand over your competitors. Ensuring customer loyalty will result in more sales and revenue.


Let us discuss some tips that can help you with localizing your market for increased customer retention.

  1. Conduct a detailed field study:

Field study is very important if you want to introduce localization into your system. This is because you might be an outsider with very less knowledge about the culture and diversities of your customers. If you fail to study and understand their culture, language, and customs you might fail to deliver the services that are suitable for them.

  2. Include their Native and Vernacular language :

Develop content in their native language. Your content should be potent enough to grab the attention of local clients. They should be able to understand the dedication and work you have put into research on their culture. Here, they would appreciate and trust your efforts for making them feel valued. Therefore content plays a major role in acquiring trust and business. If you are drained out of ideas or find it difficult to write suitable content, we’ve got it covered up, we can help you to deliver the right content to your clients

  3. Well functioning customer service portal :

Set up a multilingual Customer Service and include people who are well versed with the respective vernacular language at the helpdesk. In case your client needs support and you allow them to communicate with you in their native language, they will feel worthwhile as well as comfortable. Try giving them the utmost assistance and attention. Giving your clients and customers the right amount of attention is the key to effectively implement the strategy of localization. 

  4. Tracking insights and feedbacks :

Collect feedback and insights from your clients regularly. Keep track of the developments and ask them personally what they feel is lacking in your content and services. This will help in improving the services you deliver to them. Establishing an effective path of communication is very crucial to localization because the real worth of your services will be determined by the clients. They are the ones to define your performance and its impact on them. Therefore pay attention to regularly ask them for their remarks and suggestions. Also, ask them to point out drawbacks if any. If they let you know any drawbacks, take their feedback as valuable information and ensure them that you will work on resolving them.

  5. Get well versed with their ethnography :

Carry out a systematic study on their ethnography and include their ethnic diversities in your campaigns and contents. If they have a special ethnic tradition, try to be inclusive towards their customs. For this, you will also have to develop a detailed understanding of their spatial and geographical accounts as well. If they observe any special occasions, try giving them discounts and offers on those occasions and highlight their cultural variations in your campaigns and contents.

  6. Customize Social media accounts for them :

Design localized social media accounts for them. Make sure you include their native vernacular language in these media accounts. This will also help you gain global attention as well as attention from people within their community. People will always feel connected to your services if you can convince them by your efforts to include their diversity. Want to develop a kickass website for your client but can’t get to it? Don’t worry, we can guide you through this with our team of Creative Website Designers

  7. Launch new pathbreaking strategies :

You need not always stick to existing ways of marketing strategies. Break some codes and this can make you stand out from your competitors. But remember to keep in mind that customer satisfaction is what is being counted. So even when you try to stand out,  make sure it is for keeping your customers satisfied. Otherwise, all the efforts you invested in it would go in vain.

  8. Be their Santa :

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded? Rewarding is the best way in which you can grab the attention, followers, and fondness of the masses. This is one reason why influencers conduct giveaways and contests. This is to make sure that your audience keeps engaging with you and they will look out for you with expectations. When you are on a path to localization, reward your clients for their loyalty. It would be a great gesture to them if you try and reward them with something that has a mark on their culture. 

  9. Engage with Collaborations :

Collaborate with influencers within their community. This could be an effective strategy to popularize your brand among others. You can also engage in giveaways, PR packages, contests, etc with them to boost your reach.

  10. A pinch of extras :

Try incorporating add-on services depending on their cultural spectrum. Everyone likes getting a little extra from what they look up to. To understand the right things to serve them with, you will have to put a decent amount of effort into researching the community you are serving. Never take your clients for granted. Guessworks doesn’t do any good, so you will have to carry out a detailed case study. 


The key to effectively carry out localization is inclusiveness. In this world of accelerated ethnocentrism, you must make your client feel valued and accommodated in your treatment of them. Only then they will feel confident enough to avail of your products and services. The foundation of every business relationship is the factor of trust. It is very important to know the texture, quality, and nature of the soil before you plan to cultivate it. In the same way, if you want to give them exclusive treatment you should have detailed knowledge on what to provide them. Personalize your work, contents, and follow-ups concerning your clients and you will be all set to rock the international market. 


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