M-Commerce for B2B businesses

10 Oct 2019 | vividreal

Companies have always relied on building personal relationships to gain customer trust and build their businesses. They have thrived by meeting clients and conducting business with them in person. While this has worked perfectly for decades, it isn’t the case anymore. If you want to grow, you need to go mobile. 

Within a few minutes, all your products and services can be made available to the entire world. People from any country with access to the internet can view and buy your products. With all the different forms of online transaction services available, you do not have to meet your customer or interact with them to conduct business with them. M-Commerce brings many advantages to a business. Here we will look into how M-Commerce has changed the B2B scene.

M-Commerce stands for mobile commerce. It is about buying, selling, and conducting all sorts of E-Commerce transactions through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

B2B going mobile opens up a world of opportunities. As more and more transactions happen on mobile devices, there is an amazing opportunity to be seized in the B2B mobile commerce space, if the industry is willing to make a few changes.

B2B customers want a hassle-free, frictionless experience. A seamless experience drives more sales and builds customer loyalty. Having an online store simplifies the conversion process and makes it more streamlined. If you’re planning on setting up an online store for your business, talk to us.

Advantages of mobile commerce for B2B

The advantages of M-Commerce are many, let us take a quick glance at some of the important ones.

  • Greater ordering efficiency:

Ask anyone who prefers online shopping why they like it and they’ll all give you the same answer. Convenience. It’s really easy to find what you want, place an order, make payment and get it delivered to your doorstep. This makes it a really efficient way of driving sales. 

This isn’t beneficial just to the consumers. Companies can easily update their stock and add more products by easily scanning barcodes and uploading pictures, making them ready to be sold at the press of a few buttons. 

Integration with mobile payment makes everything so much easier. Whenever I have to buy something online, I am more likely to buy something if they have my favourite method of online payment. If they don’t, I might just visit another site. With M-Commerce, it is easier to get what you want, at just a few taps away on your smartphones. M-Commerce creates new marketing opportunity because of its ease. Plus, you carry your phones and tablets with you everywhere. You’re literally carrying an online store with you. 

  • Provides easy store access

You can view products, sort them by price and any other available filter. New products will be automatically updated on the web-store. Out of stock products will either be marked or won’t be shown at all.

  • Direct Communication

Mobile commerce offers a direct and easy way of talking to your customers. You can notify them of products being in stock, delivery details, discounts, etc via push notifications. People are more likely to open push notifications than ads when they serve the same purpose. 

On most online shopping sites you can get live updates on the products you’ve bought. This is a must-have feature as people are always curious to know when their products will reach them. If something is out of stock, there’s no need to worry. Just type in your email ID and when it’s back in stock, you will get an email. The arrival of new products will also be notified via email. 

  • HQ Images of products.

Customers get high-quality pictures of whatever they want on your store. When you are shopping online, pictures are the main way of knowing if the product is the one you’re looking for. It’s also a way of checking if the product’s quality matches your expectations or not.

  • Customer testimonials.

Another way to check a product’s quality is to read its reviews. Almost everyone reads reviews before buying anything online. It is one of the most reliable ways of knowing the quality of a product.

  • Easy searching features.

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Just take your phone and type in what you want and you’ll instantly get a list of products. No time wasted.

All in all, B2B business making the move to M-Commerce is only going to be beneficial for them. With millions of customers all around the world, M-Commerce opens up a world of opportunity for the B2B industry. Talk to us if you’re interested in setting up an online store for your business.


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