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15 Jan 2020 | vividreal

The ability to write good copy is a must-have skill in the world of marketing. Especially if you’re a company like us, with clients all over the world. Writing copies may seem difficult. Sometimes, hiring a professional might be the best choice.

But, there’s no need to fret! Here are some free online tools that can transform your copy into well-polished works of art!

Google Docs + Grammarly

With its minimalistic design and ease of use, Google Docs is great for copywriting. Although it lacks the smooth animations from MS Word that I love, Google Docs makes up for it with convenience. Everything is automatically stored in my Google Drive. I can access my files from anywhere I want, from any smart device.

You can add Grammarly to your browser, and it works with Google Docs to make sure your copy has as few errors as possible. From spelling errors, grammatical mistakes to syntax problems like punctuations and hyphens, Grammarly alerts you of anything. Although, you shouldn’t blindly trust Grammarly. It has been known to make mistakes. This is a rare occurrence though.


One of the biggest problems, when you’re writing copy, is the repetition of words. Nobody wants to sound like a broken record. This tool finds the most commonly used words in your copy. You can then choose to increase (for SEO purposes) or decrease the number of words (to stop sounding like a robot).

Apart from this, the website also shows you the reading level of your copy. You can simplify your language to make it easier for people to read and comprehend.


Great place to find synonyms and antonyms. Very useful when you’re trying to come up with an attractive copy for ads. This is one way to make yourself sound smarter on the internet, just don’t overuse it. Another way to use Thesaurus is to find words you’ve repeated on Wordcounter, and replace some of them with synonyms. 

Yoast SEO

This is a free WordPress plugin that helps improve SEO and readability. Based on the readability of your content, the plugin gives it rankings of different colours. Green being the highest. Posts with orange or green rankings have been found to get more site traffic than those with red-level ranking.

Hemingway App

Hemingway app gives you a lot of information on your articles. It highlights sentences that are too long. Sentences that are difficult to read get highlighted in red and yellow. Word suggestions will get highlighted in other colours. Make your sentences short, punchy and simple with this free online tool. 


Simpler than Hemingway, this tool also tests the readability of your text content. It tells you the age group of people who can easily understand your content. It is an accurate evaluation of how easy to read your content is.

CoSchedule – Headline Analyzer

This tool helps you analyse your headline. It shows you how common your headline is and how emotional it is. A good emotional headline can attract a lot of clicks. They also give you tips on improving your headline. You’ll get to see how your title would like on search results and on email subjects. 


Many copywriters use Evernote to effectively capture ideas. You can easily copy pages, and images, create quick little notes. No idea has to be forgotten. 

Google Drawings

Create simple diagrams using Google Drawings. You could use this to convey ideas to a designer or use it in your own blogs.

Here’s a sample of what a complete newbie can do under 2 mins on Google Drawings!

Edit Any Website Trick:

This neat little trick was introduced to me by a close friend. What if you could edit text on any website with just a click of a button? Just copy and paste this JavaScript into your bookmarks bar:

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = ‘true’; document.designMode = ‘on’; void 0

Anytime you need to edit some text on a website, just click on the bookmark and voila! This is a handy little trick you can use to preview your copy on a website. You can even share a screenshot of the same with your client for approval. It only takes a few seconds. To go back to the original website, click on refresh! You can also use this to proofread content on a website. After clicking on the bookmark, when all the text on the webpage can be edited, the browser’s dictionary starts working. All typos will be underlined. You can correct these mistakes from the back end.

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

A lot of people struggle to find good topics to create content. This tool from HubSpot gives you topic suggestions. You can register and get blog ideas for a whole year. Most of the ideas are somewhat generic, but you may find inspiration from them.


Plagiarism is something all writers try to avoid; it affects your SERP rankings and your site traffic. It’s good to check your articles for plagiarism using tools like Duplichecker and Copyscape. Just provide a link to your article (or paste the text onto the website). You’ll get stats on how much of your text is original and how much of it appears to be plagiarised.

These are great tools that can really help you step up your copywriting game. Combine great copy with other elements like keyword and trending topic research, and SEO to get better SERP rankings and to stand out from the crowd. If you ever need any help on this, our content team is ready to help. Talk to us today.

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