Small Businesses and Digital Marketing

03 Mar 2020 | vividreal

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a small business owner in 2020, is to stay away from digital marketing. All small business owners who do so, don’t really know the benefits digital marketing has to offer. Here are some reasons why more and more small business owners are diving into the world of digital marketing.

Going digital opens up a world of opportunities for you. Almost all the tools you need to mark your presence online are free. It just takes a little time to get used to them. But this gives you the potential to meet and serve customers from every corner of your locality, or even from different parts of the world. Having a digital address gives your business credibility in the eyes of a customer who has not seen your physical shop yet. These are just one of the smallest advantages of going digital. Keep reading for more compelling reasons why you should make the jump to digital ASAP!

If you’re unsure about any of this, and need to talk to an expert, hit us up. We’re here to help!

Build lasting customer relationships.

With digital marketing, you don’t really lose customers if you play your cards right. Every customer starts off as a lead. If they follow your pages on social media, they are going to see every post you make. Every offer, discount, sale, they’re going to know about it. If they had a good experience before, they will come back for more. You could even add them to a mailing list and send promotional emails. This helps build long-lasting customer relationships and helps build familiarity and trust amongst them.

People search for products/services online and check reviews before they make a purchase. You can get your customers to write testimonies and reviews which can be then posted on your website or social media pages as social proof. This adds credibility to your business.


Profitably fulfil your customers’ needs.

With digital marketing, you can observe and understand your customers’ needs. You can learn the online habits of each potential customer and use that data to better target ideal customers. 

Take your time to do your research and create buyer personas. Use your buyer personas to strategise your marketing and to advertise your products/services to the right people. Read more about buyer personas here.

Digital marketing offers a multi-channel approach to boost conversions.

A multi-channel approach is an application of a single marketing strategy across different platforms such as emails, social media, other websites, etc. This is an effective strategy to boost conversions. Reminding someone about an offer that they saw on your website, or showing ads to them on social media are a few of the many ways you can approach this strategy.


Compete with big businesses, and still win.
You don’t need a massive amount of money to start your digital marketing campaigns. You can go toe to toe with large businesses with a limited budget and still have a chance of winning! Just knowing your target audience and how to target your products/services can take you a long way. In the world of digital marketing, creativity has a better chance of winning than huge marketing budgets. You get to decide how much you want to spend on ads online. 

Digital marketing offers measurable ROI

Unlike other forms of marketing, with digital marketing, you know how well your campaigns are doing. Every stat can be tracked. You know exactly how many people are clicking on your ads, how many are visiting your landing pages and more! This also lets you monitor your campaigns realtime and helps you improve it if needed.


Your competitors are using digital marketing.

Why would you stay away from digital marketing when all your competitors are using it? Unless if there’s a better option, your best chance is to beat them at their own game. Find a unique quality that makes you stand out from your competitors and market it to your ideal audience. Use the tools your competitors are using, and learn how to gain an edge over their marketing strategies.

These reasons should be compelling enough to convince you to try out digital marketing. For the inexperienced, digital marketing may seem confusing. But with enough time and experimentation, you can sell your products/services online with ease. Talk to us if you need any help with this.

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