Finding the Right Social Media Platform for your Business

06 Jul 2018 | vividreal

Keeping a sharp eye on current trends bears a vital role in the marketing process. Clutching to the same marketing strategies for longer periods can reduce the impact of your business.

Today, it’s the social networking sites that cover a vast area of marketing. However, there are a variety of such platforms available. The knack of marketing lies in making the best choice from them.

Social-networking channels that are widely used today are, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and let’s say the list prolongs! Each of them possesses their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Here are some hacks in making the right selection of a social platform:

More Weightage To Your Goals

Choosing the social media platform should depend on your priorities and marketing requirements. For instance, some marketers focus on introducing their brands to people, while some others, on expanding the product-reach to more people. Sometimes it can be that you want to directly shoot up your sales.

Ponder on what your goal is and your first step is done!

The Audience-Aptness Counts!

Social media would serve marketing right, only if it provides the suitable customers for your product. A less number of people who wish to buy your product is clearly better than a sea of people who wouldn’t need your product.

The factors of age and gender are important. For instance, the teenagers on Facebook desire for funky phone cases more than those middle-aged businessmen on Linkedin ever would!

Analyse the nature and features of your product and fish for its right audience.

Checking The Usage Rate

You don’t want to exhibit your product where there is only a small bunch of people. Do you? Making the right choice here, means opting for the one that has a greater number of users. Therefore, the move you need to make is a thorough study of their usage-rate statistics.

Select the top 4 or 5 from the most rated and used social platform and then resume your research based on further grounds.

Torch On Your Content-type

The content you have can be articles, pictures, videos or audios. The fact is, all of them may not suit all platforms. In Instagram, the prime elements in marketing are the pictures and videos posted. On the other hand, blogs illuminate your articles and editorials.

In a similar manner, you can employ your content where it would ‘sell’ the best.

See Where Your Competitors Are

Not that you should blindly copy your competitors, but it’s important to check their choice of social-media platforms. Being in that channel enables you to watch their actions and market your products simultaneously. Also, you can compare the rating of your product with theirs.

Holding Strings For Many Puppets

It’s not at all necessary that you limit your online channel to one. If you have the time and resources to manage more than one platform, your product may stand taller in demand.


A Brief Study About Different Channels

Facebook: Though known as the old-school giant, Facebook has not lost its rating and has approximately 2 billion users. Here, your business would be inclined to build trustworthy relationships, as people basically seek them through Facebook.

A variety of content can be uploaded here, including pictures, videos, and articles. The users of Facebook are mostly aged between 18 and 50. Thus, your product can easily find the targeted audience.

LinkedIn: Business networking has LinkedIn as its patron. When it comes to the highly competitive B2B marketing, there cannot be a greater channel than LinkedIn.

You can describe your business through attractive editorials. It could be your business’s tool for brand awareness.

It greatly enhances the lead due to the premium quality of users engaged. Also, it helps you to be in touch with those big shots in the field.

Twitter: Twitter serves as an avenue where text weighs more than images. Unlike the online blogs, the content on Twitter is short and crisp. Yet, such short phrases or sentences make a lot of impact.

It works best when you want to promote your product through attractive announcements or catchy dialogues. It is right and just to claim that it is a time-saver.

Instagram: The cream of marketing via Instagram, are the pictures and videos posted on it. It has a high degree of popularity and thus, your products reach a large number of customers.

Its comment-feature allows you to get sincere feedback and reviews. The users of this app are mainly youngsters. If your products are meant for the youth, this is your right choice.


Social media has now become an unavoidable path in marketing. With its high degree of user engagement, it enhances your product-reach to a global level.

Digital marketers who wish to stay updated in the field should definitely make their choice of a social networking platform. While choosing one, your primary goal of marketing stands the most important of all. It is after that point where your further research should sprout.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you need any help with your social media marketing campaigns. That’s all for now, cheers!

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