The Best Social Media Marketing Tools

29 Nov 2019 | vividreal

AirAsia used to be just another airline company that a few people had any idea existed. They had a little budget for any kind of online promotion. The marketing team chose to run an advertisement on its Facebook page. They basically agreed to give you a free plane.


Obviously, they did not mean an actual plane. AirAsia offered you to choose 302 friends on your Facebook for a competition, and the winners would get to fly from Australia to Malaysia for free! This tiny stunt on Facebook made them very popular, even doubling their number of flights. They were able to reach an approximate of 2 million people on Facebook and generated PR worth $1.5 million. All that from a simple, well-executed advertisement on Facebook.

Marketing yourself on social media is a great way to grow your business. All social media platforms have their own unique ways of getting potential customers and attracting attention to your company or product(s). You can reach millions of potential customers online through social media and enhance your company’s growth. All this is easier said than done. One may find it an extremely difficult task to promote themselves on social media, but thankfully there are tons of tools available at your disposal, just a few clicks away. Here are some tools that can help you market your business on social media.


To begin, let us look at a few tools that focus on specific social media platforms.

Facebook Analytics: Starting off with Facebook, we have Facebook Analytics. This online tool created by Facebook gives you stats about your page, the engagement your posts receive, details about your followers, demographics, and many other useful details. You can understand how people interact with your site, app, and Facebook page. This is a must-use tool if Facebook is important to your business! 

Twitter Analytics: Similar to Facebook Analytics, but contains fewer features. It is a great tool for analysing your marketing campaigns on Twitter. It has stats like tweet impressions, profile visits, and you can compare your progress and see if you’re improving your Twitter game or not. This is a simple tool you can use to monitor your marketing campaigns on Instagram. With you can compare competing businesses, connect with more influencers, and find more followers. You can see what other competing brands are doing, what hashtags they are using, and analyse their growth to understand how to market yourself better than them. 


Marketing your business on social media requires constant effort. New and interesting quality content should be posted regularly to maintain a good social media following. Let us take a look at some tools that can help us manage our social media accounts better. These tools are primarily used to manage multiple business accounts on one platform.

Agorapulse: A simple, affordable, all-in-one tool for managing your social media accounts. It has many features like: managing all incoming messages in one platform, scheduling posts, resharing good older content for new viewers, assigning roles to fellow members and monitoring their activities. This is probably the most popular site listed here. Agorapulse is used and loved by thousands of professionals worldwide.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is another great tool used to manage multiple social media accounts from one place. You can schedule your posts, measure details like engagements, and so much more. Although recently they have been facing criticism for not having user-friendly UI and for their pricing. Hootsuite may be hard for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, it is a worthwhile investment. If Hootsuite is still not your cup of tea then, another similar site you can use is Buffer. Buffer is one of the most recognised social media marketing tools in the industry. You can schedule multiple posts, and observe stats on older content. Buffer can also find the best time to post your content, ensuring maximum engagement.

MeetEdgar: MeetEdgar is another tool you can use to schedule multiple posts on multiple social media platforms. MeetEdgar makes sure that your social media pages are constantly updated with new content, even sharing some old posts that have received a lot of attention in the past. This is actually a great strategy to share your best content to your new followers hence giving you more engagement on your social media pages.

Cyfe: Cyfe is a massive all-in-one analytical tool that can be used for a wide variety of websites. You can check brand mentions, engagements, demographics, etc. Cyfe also has Google Analytics, Google Ads, and many other pre-built integrations. You can use widgets available on Cyfe to view stats on multiple social media accounts. It is free to use, but a paid membership gives you access to tons of widgets!

Here are some online tools that focus on finding customers and increasing audience engagement on your social media profiles.

Audiense: Their primary focus is on building good relationships with customers on social media. Audiense helps you discover new followers and helps increase audience engagement. The pricing of Audiense’s plans is a bit on the costlier side. There are other alternatives you could use like Hubspot. Followerwonk is a similar online tool built for Twitter. Followerwonk can be used to compare 2 or 3 Twitter users, find their similar interests, and find a new audience.  

Lithium: Lithium is another great social media marketing tool you can use to connect with your followers and customers. You can monitor conversations about your brand and engage with potential customers. Lithium can also be used to manage online communities and to hold discussions to come up with ideas from your followers.

Socialbakers: This is an online tool that uses AI to analyse audience interests. You can find out what they want to see and post your content accordingly. This tool helps you to create content based on your followers’ data. You can monitor conversations about your brand to find out user sentiments and their needs.

Socedo: This website automatically finds potential customers online that fit your buyer persona. They look at real-time social behaviour and categorise potential customers according to their interests. 

It is important to have content that is eye-catching and interesting. Here are some special tools you can use to enhance your appearance on social media. First impressions matter if you’re looking to expand your fanbase and these tools will definitely make you look better!

Canva: Whenever you post on social media platforms like Instagram, the aesthetic quality of your posts matters a lot. Canva is a great online tool for people who are not great at graphic designing but still want top-notch creatives for their posts. With Canva you can create posters, logos, cards, and whatever you need to catch your followers’ attention.

Visage: Visage helps you design creatives that are optimised for different social media platforms. It is a very easy-to-use tool that helps you maintain the same image and tone of your brand across different social media platforms. 

Animoto: This is a great tool for creating interesting and engaging animated videos to post on social media. With thousands of posts that could potentially drown yours, it is important to post content that is eye-catching. Animoto has many templates that you can use.

These are some online tools you can use to enhance the growth of your business profiles on various social media platforms. The internet is full of many similar tools, these are just some of our personal favourites. What online tools do you use to promote your business? Did we miss any good ones? Tell us in the comments below! If you need help with social media marketing, talk to our team of social media experts today. 

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