What’s New: Google Analytics Update

16 Oct 2020 | vividreal
What’s New: Google Analytics Update

Google Analytics has been an efficient online tool in providing you with complete information concerning your website which further helps you understand your app and website user activities. Google Analytics also helps you check your progress and performance of your content, website traffic, marketing, etc. and you can also use these insights to get better ROI out of your website.

Google Analytics usually comes up with efficient update features over the years and this year is no different. 

In a recent survey, Google learned that marketers were facing difficulties in getting complete views and insights on their customers and using this data effectively.

Thus, on the 15th of October 2020, Google launched a new update feature for Google Analytics with improved features on Reporting and options on Data tracking. This helps you get more access to the unique insights and machine learning features to make the most out of your Google Analytics data.

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What’s the Advanced Feature About?

The new feature enables you to gain more beneficial ROI in the long term. The updated version adds on to the “App + Web” property that was introduced the previous year. It is from there you can access the new Google Analytics 4 property and you can also upgrade your existing Google Analytics properties to this. The features of this update include:


 1. The use of their advanced machine learning now helps provide improved ways to monitor and track key data trends along with alert marketers and entrepreneurs on new and improved opportunities.

2. Trend monitoring through Google’s evolving tools has the capacity to alert analytics users automatically on the major trends in their data.

3. Addition of advanced predictive metrics that include the possible revenue you can generate from a group of clients.

4. Deeper integration with Google’s marketing products. This helps provide enhanced and more relevant experiences to your audience across these products.

5. Allows you to measure both app interaction and web interactions simultaneously.

6. Now you can see conversions from organic channels, YouTube videos, and other paid channels within comparisons. This provides you with more feedback on your efforts in marketing, in terms of the organic and as well as the paid campaigns. You can draw comparisons between your marketing efforts across these areas. 

7. Reporting is made more simple and organized, enabling you to get more intuitive insights on the customers’ journey you’re looking for.

8. Provides accurate insights without the use of cookie tracking.

9. Better management of collection and retention of your analytics data. 

10. Increased granular controls for your ad personalization that let you choose when to optimize your ads and how to do so, by directing you to either use your ad data or limit them.

How to incorporate this New Version?

If you are a first-timer in setting up Google Analytics on your website, start by creating a Google Analytics account, property, and data stream. Then you can either tag your website or just add the firebase SDK to your app. 

But if you are already a user, create a new Google Analytics 4 property for collecting data and advantages from the new update. If you are using Google Analytics for Firebase for your app, upgrade it to Google Analytics 4 properties, which were earlier said to be App + Web properties.

The Magic is yet to experience

You might need some time to understand and analyze how fruitful these new features are, but Google has certainly made it more reliable to understand its actions and outcomes giving you space for evaluating various performances. Analytics are now provided to you as a better-served cup of tea than they ever used to be, which makes them worth giving a try. With this, you can run your campaigns and market with a better understanding of your growth insights as well as your customers and audiences. 

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In conclusion, the new update is going to help you take gripping control of how your data is being used by the audience as well as predicting its possible outcomes and capabilities. Since you get a more detailed understanding of changing customer behavior through the new update this can be a path changing road to boost your networks and sales.


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