Advanced Tips to Build Your Social Media Brand

29 Jun 2020 | vividreal
Advanced Tips to Build Your Social Media Brand

One of the easiest and feasible ways to grow your brand name organically is to invest time in building your social media profile. Working on your social media platforms ultimately yields conversions. It has other benefits too. 

An active social media presence is a way of telling people that your “brand” exists. Showing up constantly ensures that you are out there ready to take up any conversation which your customers/prospects throw at you. And this strengthens the brand name.

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Figure Out Your Right Audience

You might have great content with all the elements required to catch the viewer’s attention. Yet somehow there’s no proper outcome from your social media platforms.

This condition has only one reason, the lack of right audience following your content. The people who are interested in what you have got to offer are your “right audience”.

It is important to understand that not all are your audience! Take time and figure out who can be your potential audience. Study buyer personas to identify their challenges and find brands that they are following in various social media platforms.

Use a Friendly Approach

Most of the time, brands present themselves on social media platforms as mere robots, which is not appreciated by the public. Your brand’s social media profile should have a personality. Even in the way things/posts are put out should speak about the brand and what it stands for.

Social media is the only space to connect and engage directly with your prospects (not always, but most of the time), so make the best use of it. Ensure that your followers get a personalized reply for comments posted by them, and crack jokes with them. You can use emojis to show emotions and even share fun office team photos. Moreover, give your social media profiles a human touch to make it more relatable for the prospect.

Have a Plan/Schedule

Scheduling content can help your brand’s social media growth go a long way. Just like keeping up with a timetable makes a person organized, a schedule will help you post on social media regularly. Showing up consistently will drive the right audience into your social media platforms.

Create a calendar mentioning when to post, where to post, and the frequency at which you post. Choose the times when people engage the most in social media, say weekday evenings, weekends, or on holiday. Post your product on a platform considering the people using it; suppose you sell a professional learning course, then it would be ideal to post about it on a platform having professionals, say LinkedIn rather than Snapchat. Depending on the platforms and their popularity among people, decide the number of posts to be published.

Under each post, use a checklist to ensure the content descriptions are not being repeated, if the post intends to engage with people or is it just an informational post, etc.

Do Not Automate it

Automating your social media platforms may seem an easy option, but it can appear insincere to people. People use social media to communicate with your brand directly so that they don’t have to follow a long procedure to reach you to share their concerns. It’s fair that they expect a personalized approach here, rather than an automated one. Dealing with your customers/prospects is crucial because what they receive from your end determines whether they should come back to you in the future or not. So, be careful while you blindly trust automation in your social media platforms!

Give a Solution to Their Problem

The ultimate goal is conversion/sale. But if it directly reflects on your social media platforms, then using them is of no use to us. Any social media platforms that are used for your brand shouldn’t look like an “eCommerce website”. 

These platforms should be used to address the customer’s concerns and problems. Engage with the people and suggest your product as a solution to their problem. 

It is also important to respond to them promptly. If a common query exists amongst your product/service user community, show up with a well-suited answer to it.

Suppose a feature offered by your product isn’t working and the customers raised a query about it, you can explain steps to troubleshoot so that the customer’s problem is solved.

Responding to the prospects publicly brings in a sense of trust in them about your brand and makes you a responsible brand in their perspective.

Optimize to an Engagement Friendly Account

Engage with your prospect in all possible ways; not just with the posts, not just with the comments, use images, keywords, hashtags and fill out all those fields talking about your account information.

Use your Instagram bio’s to link to promotions, use Instagram stories and their “Swipe up” feature for the same. Create a hashtag for your brand and products, use them in all the posts possible. Mention/tag (@someperson) people or organizations wherever possible within your brand’s profile. You can mention popular accounts related to your industry. Here’s a great article on everything you need to know about growing your Instagram page.

Use Visual Elements

Visual elements always represent a better picture of the product/service you sell. Image-based social media platform like Instagram is booming because of the same reason. Use Instagram feeds and posts to engage with people.

Going live on Instagram and Facebook offers a high engagement rate and this can show the brand’s personality to the public. Even in Twitter, images and videos get the most number of shares rather than text-based posts.

It doesn’t have to be formal, you can post behind the scenes photos and images, team photos or videos, customer photos or even photos of events.

Use the social platforms in such a way that it speaks for itself rather than directly promoting their product. For example, the Google Pixel’s Instagram wall only posts the images of pictures taken on the Pixel phone rather than posting about the product.

Advanced Tips to Build Your Social Media BrandOne easy and feasible way to grow your brand name organically is to invest time in building your social media profile. Working on your social media platforms ultimately yields conversions.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest feeds might be spaces where you work on so much to grow your brand. It is ideal to integrate all the social media platforms that your brand uses on the brand’s website. Now, this creates a space where all the social media platforms can be accessed easily.

Active Presence

People will not prefer to follow inactive social media handles, moreover, people tend to unfollow handles if they have been inactive for a while. You need to consistently put out unique content for your viewers and engage them.

You may not be able to perform consistently on all your social media platforms. In that case, it is better to prioritize the one which yields you better results and then work on them primarily rather than juggling with all the platforms.

Repurpose your own content if you think you are running out of them. This shouldn’t be considered as a time-consuming task, it is something that can be easily implemented if you can make use of a content schedule calendar mentioned above.  Also, make efforts to answer customer queries regularly.

Catchup with Trends

Put out content that is based on any social media challenges, breaking news, popular hashtag or latest memes. All of these may not have any direct relation with your product/service. But you can always bring in any of these elements into your posts.

For example, Amul, India’s largest dairy products maker, always has something to post on their Instagram wall based on trends going around the world.

Advanced Tips to Build Your Social Media Brand

Influencer Marketing

Make use of influencer marketing. It’s widely being used these days because of its capacity to bring in huge ROI. Influencers possess a set of dedicated followers who trust in their credibility. The followers feel that whatever the influencer supports or moreover promotes is genuine. It is a very feasible method to invest in a social media influencer, they can help you make your brand name familiar to a lot of people.

Create Content that Matters to People

Putting out random content that makes no sense to common people is useless, you may rather not put it. Take time and think about the value your brand/product/service can provide to the people and then curate content. Unique content can help you build your brand name and value. Writing an instant article on Facebook would be a great idea.  Also, remember to present it with interactive infographics or videos. 


There is no single hack to build your social media brand in the blink of an eye. It takes time and strategic planning to establish a brand name in social media. But these aren’t difficult, they are achievable goals with proper planning.

The way you approach people with your social media content should make sense to them. Put out content that they care about rather than simply pitching your product.

Always @mention people/organization/account to refer/tag them on your social media post. They can be common people who asked you a question, reply to them by @mentioning them.

Use social media marketing & performance monitoring tools. Use inbuilt analytics tools to derive insights from them.

Set your goals suiting your scale of business. If you are a small scale business owner, you’ll likely need to concentrate on local demographics and engage better with them. If you own a startup, it’s ideal to build awareness through your content about your product and generate leads. And, if you want to build a social media brand for a large scale company, then use the platforms to provide timely customer service and build customer loyalty.

Finally, remember social media is a free platform, and you can exploit it like your other counterparts regardless of the budget they might possess. So, make the best out of it using our suggestions. Or you can simply connect with us, we’ve got a team of social media marketing experts to help you out!

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