Microsoft Clarity: The next-generation analytics tool

04 Dec 2020 | vividreal
Microsoft Clarity: The next-generation analytics tool

To all the Analytics enthusiasts out there, Microsoft recently announced a free analytics tool named ‘Clarity’. Hurray!!! With this new tool, you can get to see what exactly your users are doing on your website, that too by respecting the privacy of users at the same time as well. In this article, we will get to know more about what this new tool is all about, its features and advantages.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is a free analytics tool developed by Microsoft that will provide you with insights into how your users are interacting with a particular site. It will help you understand the performance of the data on your website, provide you with metrics related to engagements, and information on debugging for improving the quality of your web page. The best part of this is that there will be an absence of traffic caps. Even the sites with a million visitors per day can use this tool. It is optimized in a way, not to slow websites down. 

 Microsoft Clarity is designed in a way to have comparatively fewer impacts on page load times. This will enable you to ensure that users who navigate to your site will not have to wait for the pages to load. Clarity is also capable of handling the traffic on your site with zero additional cost charged to you. 

Key Features of Microsoft Clarity

There are 3 key features for Microsoft Clarity – Sessions Playback, Heatmaps, and Insights Dashboard. All these features provide site owners with the benefit of getting a detailed understanding of user engagements, replays of individual sessions, and a dashboard to obtain an overall view of the interaction of users along with a set of filters with which the site owners can customize their preferences. We will see what these features are in detail. 

Sessions Playbacks – 

Microsoft Clarity has a screen, displaying sessions playback which will enable the publisher in replaying the page visits of every visitor. Here, you can see where exactly the cursors were clicked, on what places did the visitor scroll and pause, or any other subsequent clicks they have made to other pages. It is in the middle session of the panel where the timeline on sessions is displayed. It will be like playing a movie on the page that was visited and the elements of the page they interacted with. There would be a Filter button displayed on the top where you can opt for a number of different types of data. When you click on the Filter button, you will get to see an entire web page with different filter options from which you can customize what you wish to see and isolate certain data that you do not wish to see. 

There are several filters you can choose from while setting your playback.

Heatmaps – 

This analytic feature will display where exactly the visitor clicked on your website. This is beneficial as it shows what all elements from your page are being clicked. This can imply how far does a user get on your page and you can get hints on why and how they reached up till there. There are two types of Heatmaps in Clarity – Clickmaps, and Scrollmaps. Clickmap helps in pointing out the content on your web page that the visitors interacted the most and Scrollmap will point out if the visitors are getting to see what you really want them to in your site. It is said that Clarity will be featuring an option to display scrolling metrics in the future. Tracking scrolling is important especially when it comes to mobiles and handsets. This is because it will help you in understanding the dimensions of engagements concerning the element of time. 

The Filters available in Heatmap is given below.

Insights Dashboard –  

This dashboard on insights will provide you with an overview of metrics about the performance and behavior of your users and site visitors. The dashboard contains aggregate metrics that will help you to attain an all-encompassing understanding of your site traffic. With a glance, you will get to see the number of users who were clicking on non-existent links. It will also give you the number of people who scrolled up and down your page searching for something, that is mostly looking out for something they couldn’t see on your site. You will also get to see other pieces of information like the number of errors occurring on your clients and the average time a user spends while navigating through your site. Microsoft also provides filters that will let you zoom on certain data.

This is how your dashboard will be in Microsoft Clarity.

Other Advantages of Microsoft Clarity

Apart from the key features Microsoft Clarity have some more beneficial features that will help you make it more reliable and flexible to use. We will take a look at those features now. 

1. Focus on Privacy 

Clarity is designed in a way to keep the privacy of users on focus. This enables the publishers to obtain actionable data without violating the privacy of the site visitors. Microsoft confirms that they are GDPR compliant in terms of data controller for the visitors to their site and the processor for the data that is gathered by Clarity script for your sites. 

2. Diverse Filtering Mechanism  

Other than the typical filters like OS, country, timeframe, browser, etc Microsoft Clarity manages machine learning in identifying actions like ‘excessive clicking’, ‘rage clicking’, ‘dead clicking’ in your dashboard, heatmaps, and records of sessions. When users click repeatedly on a particular section of a webpage, these clicks are referred to as rage clicks. This is because users presume the presence of a hyperlink in a particular section but on the contrary, there won’t be such a link. This will help in distinguishing the parts of a webpage that will be counterintuitive for the users on a website. 

3. Helps in improving Real SEO 

The primary objective of optimising your site for search engines is to attract more visitors to your website. But this won’t benefit you in the long run, meeting the objectives of your business if the users fail to find what they are looking for on your website. If you get to identify the crucial sections in your webpage that direct users to your site, you will be able to improve your performance and productivity for leading better conversions. The data in Heatmaps will indicate to you which area receives more clicks and activities. Studying and analyzing them can ensure the availability of content with higher value for your users accordingly. In the same way, information on rage click will help you churn more intuitive pages. Continuous efforts to improve your Search Ranking fail and can’t figure out why? We’ll get it covered for you. Vividreal Solutions can offer you services of our best SEO maestros to help you rank better on search results.


We could say that this open-source behavior tool will provide you with all the necessary details about the performance and interaction rates on your website. Its unique and distinctive features will give you systematic data on the responses of people accessing your website thus giving you the space for improved growth. We are all aware of the power and need for quality content to strike the right chords for your business. Clarity is going to benefit you if you wish to deliver the right things to your site visitors. This is a boost for people who want to make informed decisions on the modifications and add-ons that they wish to provide in the future to their users by having a proper understanding of the behavior and requirements of their users. 

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