About Attitude Hotel Group

Formed in June 2008, Attitude Group is well reputed in Mauritius. A friendly atmosphere, a wink design, feet buried in the sand, a dive in the turquoise lagoon, dolce vita, midday sun, fish curry, murmur of the wind in the filaos, tropical colours, a sun bed, an exotic fruit cocktail, escape, a dancing curtain and simplicity are the offers, when it comes to Attitude.

They run 8 hotels around Mauritius: Blumarine Attitude, Coin de Mire Attitude, Émeraude Beach Attitude, Friday Attitude, Récif Attitude, Tropical Attitude, The Ravenala Attitude and Zilwa Attitude. The Group also manages Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel.

Though originally started with family investors, Attitude is winning over new investors among which a major shareholder is United Investment Ltd – joined them in December 2010

Attitude Group pursues its motives and aims to be a responsible partner of the sustainable development of the island, with its Green Attitude Foundation, all the while offering a unique holiday experience to all its guests.

Visit the website: hotels-attitude.com

Services Provided

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Creative Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Design
  • Landing Page Design
    Website Design Mock-ups
    Responsive Design
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