About Titan Tough

The magic of community-based fitness are the people hands down. In the past six years, Titan Tough founder Cody Rodriguez has witnessed this community throughout the world as an athlete. Having been a traveling athlete Cody has seen it all. From the early days when the Games were held at a dusty ranch in Northern California to its evolution into a nationally televised sporting event held in Southern California’s infamous Stub Hub Center (formerly Home Depot Center), the sport has grown, but the core values have remained. These core values of the sport also constitute the inspiration and foundation of Titan Tough

Functional fitness has inspired thousands throughout the world, from Santa Cruz to Shanghai. It has not only inspired countless individuals to improve their individual fitness journeys but has also planted the seeds of a fitness revolution built on community. And in no better way is this more apparent than the organizations that have emerged to keep this fitness revolution going. Names like WOD Gear, Bear Complex, RX Jump Ropes have not only become equated with functional fitness-they have become synonymous with excellence.

Services Provided

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Digital Analysis & Strategy
    Business Consulting
  • Design & Development
  • Web Design
    Graphics Design

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