The future of content marketing is here!

05 Jul 2018 | vividreal
Future of content marketing

The impact that content-marketing created in the marketing avenue is remarkable. If you are a digital marketer, you must be using the existing content-marketing channels like videos, pictures, editorials and what not! We know how immensely they contribute to the development of every business.

However, back in the days, the forms of content-marketing were different. Earlier, magazines and newspapers promoted content for marketing, while later radio and television stole the show. With the advent of blogs and video-streaming in the later era, content-marketing underwent a major transition.

Well, have you ever wondered if the turns and twists that it’s gonna take in future? If not, let’s do a bit of the foreseeing business now!

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The Future Trend

Augmented Reality (AR)

It is a version of reality wherein artificial zones made by computer generated images are fused into the real environment. It adds up to the reality of the user’s existing environment. AR could be tagged as an effective marketing strategy for the future.

Unlike the idea of products got from videos or pictures, AR presents your product and its features right before the users’ eye, amidst the natural location. It enables them to analyze the product closely. If you want to gift the customers an elevated experience from your content, there is not a better idea than AR.  

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is already in use, but not all digital marketers have entered this room. Unlike AR, virtual reality demands you to enter a different world. There is no collaboration with your real location. Yet, the user is likely to have more focus on the product here, due to the absence of the real environment.

For example, The ‘Volvo VR Campaign’ which provided a free test-drive experience through VR, was highly successful.

VR is cheaper in cost compared to the former.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI involves machines that work, learn, reason and self-correct as humans do. The impact created by artificial intelligence in almost every field is quite familiar to us. The use of AI could help in effective interaction with users or customers. It makes every process a thousand times easier when compared to manual methods. AI can predict the customers’ decisions and behaviors. It saves every data and uses them for future references.

Live-video Streaming

Videos seem to attract users more when compared to still photographs. Among that, live-videos are people’s current choice. It leads to a closer interaction between the parties. It offers a chance for the customers to voice their opinions and even doubts. Live interaction keeps up a warm, natural tone and this can boost up their interest towards the product. Live video streaming is often predicted to be the supreme video-content in future.

A New Attire For Content Marketing

The futuristic approach to content marketing requires you to give alterations to the existing strategies. The policies should be designed in such a way that the right content should reach the right audience.

  • The number of likes or content viewers should not be the ultimate objective. The goals of your business should be the real goal.
  • Adopting complex ideas and then presenting it with clarity and simplicity is the new code.
  • Raw and bold material in content can create a hype in the customer’s interest for the product.   

  So clear the decks for futuristic content creation!

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you need any help with content. That’s all for now, cheers!

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