The Secret to Driving in More Organic Leads; Content Marketing

03 May 2018 | Sukhesh Vadavil
content marketing

If you are on the lookout for ways to improve your traffic, you probably have heard people talking about content marketing.  You might have also heard that it is one of the most important marketing techniques that will help you in the long run.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of quality, valuable content for free to attract and convert prospective customers. The type of content you create will have to be closely related to the products or service you provide.

Here is an example to let you know how content marketing works.

Let’s say that you are a fitness trainer and you are trying to increase your customer base. You start to write two or three expert blog posts per week.

Slowly, your content gets ranked in search engines.

People find your blog posts while searching for fitness related queries.  They keep coming back to your blog again and again for the content. It also helps your website pages to rank better for more fitness training-related search queries.

Establishing yourself as an expert in the field, and improved organic ranking will make more and more people feel comfortable with signing up for your training programs and taking advice from you.

See how content marketing helped our fitness trainer to get more business.

This marketing technique could be applied to most of the online businesses today.

If you still need more reasons to do content marketing, read on.

Increasing use of Adblocking software

More and more people are voluntarily blocking out Ads. Approximately 600 million people now use Ad blocking software. Digital marketers who rely on paid Ads alone should be worried. You can relax if you are someone who exploits the benefits of content marketing as well.

With the creation of more quality content on your website, more and more organic traffic will come in. If your content is useful, people will visit your page again and again thus giving you steady traffic.

Help build trust with your audience

As mentioned in the example above, exhibiting your expertise in the field will earn the trust of your audience. People will only buy or seek advice from people they trust. The more content you create, the better.

Take the example of the above fitness trainer. He established a bond and reputation with the people before they became his customers.

It will also help you build brand awareness

With more content out there, the awareness about your brand will increase. People will start seeing your content more often when they look for solutions for their problems online. Not only will it increase the traffic to your website, but it will also increase your brand value as more and more people come to know about your brand. You will end up getting more business with time.

Great for SEO

Nowadays writing for people and for the sake of SEO is not very different. Search engines are now smart enough to identify content that has quality. Thus, creating quality content will help you as search engines promote quality content that is useful to the public.

Bonus tip:

It is a good idea to do your keyword research before you start writing your content. This will help you get an idea of what customers want and search for. Taking this into consideration will help you make more relevant content.

Generate more leads

One of the greatest benefits of content marketing is that it helps you generate more quality leads and sales. When you put out content that helps people find solutions to their problems, people will start coming to you for solutions. These people will be more interested in your products or services as you helped them in understanding or solve their problem.

Your content can reach people even before they have reached a purchasing decision which means that these people have not even heard about your competition which gives you the edge.

Gives people a reason to come back to your website

It is no secret that if you want more traffic in your website, you need more quality content. When you have quality content on your website, people will have a reason to come back to your website again and again. Why? Because you have exciting content.

By providing great content on your website, you are building relationships.  When the time comes for your visitors to make a purchasing decision, you will be their primary option.

The visitors on your website might share your content on social networking platforms

This is one of the best things about content marketing. It is more likely that people share informative and interesting stuff with their peers and family. They will share your content on popular social networking platforms which will increase your exposure.

The leads you get out from this will have more quality as you were recommended by someone they know and trust.


This is a great way of increasing your traffic and authority on the web. When you produce quality content, other websites will want to quote you. When this happens, you will get traffic from these websites. In addition to that, your authority on the web will also increase. Search engines will reward you by ranking you better.

It costs less than traditional forms of marketing

You will be surprised to know that the cost of doing online content marketing is much lower than that of traditional forms of marketing like television and newspapers. When you put out a content online, it stays there and keeps on generating leads for you as long as you have that blog or website.

Almost all multinational companies have a clearly laid out content marketing strategy. They use content to reach out to new customers and retain existing ones. If you have not yet started content marketing, it is time for you to start.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you need any help with content marketing. That’s all for now, cheers!

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