How to use content for effective B2B Social Selling

19 Oct 2020 | vividreal
How to use content for effective B2B Social Selling

The world is in the phase of a complete transformation with the meteor of COVID-19 that hit all the areas of economic as well as social spectrums very badly. It has affected both individuals and companies, hindering their growth and prospect. With this unexpected blow, the market is shaken beyond doubt. It is now evident as well as integral to gather more focus on the areas that suggest possible growth. The virtual world of online platforms is thus the most accessible form of market that we have these days. Social selling and marketing is, therefore, the very ray of hope to most entrepreneurs. 

First things first, did you know that Social selling and Social marketing are two different strategies and they work in different ways? Let us clear this cloud of ambiguity. Social selling and social marketing are often confused with each other. 

In social selling, relationships are established as a part of the sales process, mainly through social media. Social selling can also take place through offline means. Social marketing, on the other hand, intends to formulate and associate marketing ideals with means of social change and aims to drive the interest of individuals and communities into working for social betterment, more on terms with equity and sustainability.

In essence, Social selling has its nucleus around sales professionals, intending to develop a one on one relationship while social marketing is more involved with marketing with the motive for a common social good.

Now let’s put these to its places – What is B2B in Social selling? Well, it is very simple, call it the way of building up your connections through social media platforms to generate and propagate your market and commerce. Sounds familiar and easy, well, pretty much, if you know the right base to hit. Don’t go overboard with this because then it would be spammed selling, and that’s not a good profile for your sales. Let’s get started dissecting the best possible ways to make the best content to generate effective B2B social selling.

Acknowledge the basics of B2B sales

This mechanism of commerce involves transactions between manufacturers and retailers. It’s not a typical seller-buyer relationship that they possess but has business people on both sides of a commercial deal where the authority and decisions are driven by the respective needs that they mutually negotiate. For example, it could be outsourcing services, raw materials, or finished manufactured goods. This process requires direct-sourcing of contract management.

Therefore it is certain that the need for authenticity and trust is of the utmost importance when it comes to B2B sales. The most common online platforms for building up these networks are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. What is involved in this process is that both parties share their relevant and integral content while interacting with the potential parties. Therefore the role of content is very crucial when it comes to B2B Social selling. The content has to be punctual, relevant, and relatable to the targeted business groups, buyers, and prospects. There are several means to get hold of these contents like – Blogs, videos, graphics, e-Books, podcasts, etc.

How to Grab Attention for your content

The role of efficient content is integral when it comes to B2B social selling because your content will be registering as your face to other parties and that will play the role of marketing your brand. If you are confused to figure out ways to develop the most effective strategies and techniques to boost the presence of your brand, Vividreal can help you yield more from social media platforms

Effective attention taking content will itself render you more reach and demand in the field.

1. Target the Audience

Find answers to questions like – Whom are you targeting through your content? What do you put forth in your services? What markets and business verticals are you looking to market your products and services? Find answers to these and tailor your content keeping these in mind.

2. Catchy content and Efficient campaigns

If you are marketing a particular product, always remember to use the best words to describe it. Never try adding shady comments or descriptions. This will give rise to suspicion. For example, the product, Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Cream was heavily trolled because of its name and specifications. It is named a Serum Cream which is quite confusing in itself. Try to avoid mistakes like these.

3. Effective communication with your clients 

Ask them what they are looking for and use the insights and feedback that you receive from them to improve your ways of developing content. Give them the proofs they seek and try to make yourselves appear transparent to them. It is important to build the blocks of trust carefully to run an effective collaboration.

4. Keen Focus on Marketing

Work out marketing strategies with your team and try all the possible combinations of ideas. These compilations could act as a mixed bag for a wide range of minds. Also, provide productive insights into your growth through impressive forms of content to your social sphere or your customers directly.

5. Work on Content Curation

This process involves collecting relevant data on a particular topic of interest and compiling them for productive uses, more or less like research. Try to convey the benefits of what you are trying to market and even if there are backdrops to your product handle that with extreme care because the reputation of any firm is fragile in terms of competition. Top ranks can be shifted from any time anywhere.

6. Track your audience as well as competitors

For this, make effective use of social media platforms or google analytics to check growth, after all, the connections mainly evolve in these social media platforms. So always keep a check on that. Take the progress of your competitors and rivals into account because their growth strategies can be relevant to your ways to attain better productivity.

7. Social Media Focus

Make the best possible ways to set up a fully organized and working social media page for your sales. You can start by setting up a fully functional Facebook page. Vividreal is well versed with ways to drive loyal customers to ensure your desired growth and you can avail of our services to boost your Facebook Ad campaigns. Make use of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to generate more sales. If you wish to look up for ways to target companies to facilitate B2B sales, LinkedIn has introduced  New Company Targeting Option, which will help make your targeting more specific and focused. 

8. Reshare and Connect

Do not hesitate to reshare the activities of people you are connected with and take time to feature your partners and clients. This will help build your connection better and stronger as well as it will also spread your name and fame. 

9. Well Versed Technologies

Learn to use new technologies to give mobility to your content. Never stagnate in the same old ways. This will make your audience and clients bored. Always look up for ways to make exciting content like announcements, contests, giveaways, etc.

10. Tips for Time Efficiency

Scheduling contents prior will be time-efficient. Since your market involves sales and that involves attention, it could be like you fail to find time to keep track of your uploads and publications. For this try setting date calendars and schedule your uploads prior.

11. Insights and Feedbacks

Collect feedback and insights regularly from your buyers/customers. Know what they seek and this will help to improve your way of delivering better content.

12. Visually Pleasing Platforms

Add multimedia to your content to make it more attractive and appealing. Only text content will look boring to others.

13. Branding Strategies

Always highlight your brand and its trademarks in your content. This will help in making yourself a signature brand.

14. Experiment Tactics

Try experimenting with the ways you put up your content. Do not stick to one single variant, try bringing out something fresh and creative in what you bring to your customers. This will help in figuring out the boring angles in your content.

15. Call To Action

Pay attention to CTA. even though content without a CTA can earn clicks it will create a shortage of creating leads or revenue. Give your readers an idea of “what’s coming next” and this might generate leads. Try to understand what aligns with your offerings and then use that specific idea to create a Call to action.

16. Avoid Shortcuts

Avoid extensive use of BOT generated engagements. This has resulted in creating black marks for well-known brands like Mamaearth, for their overuse of BOTs to post positive comments under their content. This shows us why it is important to be original in terms of content and campaigns. Therefore always trust the best team to market your Ad. Vividreal can offer you the best ways to boost your sales with effective online ad campaigns.

17. Track your Sales Team

Pay attention to your sales team. Use the best available project management tools to track their progress. Since they work in proximity with your resources they will have clear-cut ideas on the type of content that will create more engagement. Set up regular meetings to build a platform for healthy conversations and discussions.

The main focus of B2B social selling is to build awareness and commitment with the potential buyers and existing buyers. Never take your buyers for granted. If you mess up one single angle of your content, it can result in the crumbling down of every single connection that you’ve made. This is because all of them are extensively connected in the virtual space and one mistake from your side will get more publicity than you ever imagine it to be. So be very careful in dealing with sensitive issues and take time and effort to understand and work on things that need to be clarified and rectified.

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