Optimizing Content for Better Conversions

08 Feb 2019 | vividreal

That is true folks! Optimization is the hack that is going to turn around your content’s fortune. We bet you have spent many sleepless nights wondering why your post did not get the fanfare that it deserved online despite being a masterpiece. The truth is, your content might not even be in the spotlight.

With the internet being clogged up with an ever increasing number of articles and posts, your content might be facing fierce competition in order to pop up higher on the search results page. This may be due to the low domain authority of your website – one of the key parameters that determine the search engine ranking for websites.

What your content need is optimization. And for that, you’ll need awesome content writers. Check us out here.

But how can you optimize your content and make the search engines work in your favour? That is the million dollar question, isn’t it?

From the insights we gained while working with our clients, we have come up with 5 infallible tips to boost your rankings and improve audience engagement:

Keywords can be both a friend and a foe

Researching keywords is an integral part of SEO. Keywords give your content an identity.

Finding the right keyword can be quite tricky but with tools such as KW Finder and Long Tail Pro, you can get detailed insights about what the readers are searching for and optimise your content accordingly.

Relevant keywords can drive traffic into your site and increase conversion rate. Using long-tail keyword specific to your content preferably at the beginning should do the trick.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, too much of anything is bad. The same is true for keywords.

Your ranking would suffer unless the keywords are used judiciously. The Google search algorithm has evolved to a point where it has become almost impossible to cheat your way around it by cramming too many keywords into your content.

So, go easy on the keywords and try not to over-optimize your article.

Crown your content with the right title

The title must be crafted with the intention of attracting the user, not the search engine. Your title should look like the answer to what users are searching for.

Consumer insight tools such as Answer the Public can be used to identify what people are looking for and streamline your keyword research accordingly.

Infographics talk better than lengthy paragraphs

Infographics i.e., information with graphics gives the readers a snapshot of the content at a glance.

Visual content garners more views as compared to long boring blocks of text. It makes the information easier to comprehend and readers are able to retain it for a longer span of time.

info graphics

If hiring a graphic designer is a strain on your budget, you can always use Canva and create free compelling infographics to boost your reach.

Meta descriptions are important

Have you noticed the short snippet of information that comes along with the Google search results? If not, here is an example:

Without a doubt, everyone clicks on the link that closely describes what they are searching for. This shows that meta descriptions play an important role in determining how clickable the search result looks.

Provide clear, concise meta-descriptions that prompt the readers to click on your link.

It’s like greeting your audience at the door with a sample of what you have to offer!

Make your readers the middle-men with social media

Anything that gets caught in the wildfire that is social media can gather a large audience.

Social media portrays you as a part of a community, rather than a pushy business trying to drive up its sales. Good content on social media can help build trust with your audience, who will later promote your brand by sharing your content on their social media platforms.

Make your content easily shareable with quick share buttons for Facebook, Whatsapp, Quora and Instagram.

Once you have conquered social media, the search engines will follow suit.

Create content for real people

Yes, there are a lot of technicalities to making your content seen.

Yes, you have to think about keywords and meta-descriptions etc., but ultimately the primary aim is to engage with the readers. Therefore, it is imperative that the content captures the interest of the readers.

Creating compelling, comprehensible and relatable content that satiates the readers will drive audience engagement.

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Optimization is the makeover that will make your content look glamorous enough for search engines to notice. But underneath all that superficial attributes, the content should be good enough to inspire, educate and entertain the readers. And if you need help, our team of content writers are here for you. Check us out here.

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