Real Estate SEO: 15 Tips to Boost Local Search

22 Oct 2020 | vividreal
Real Estate SEO: 15 Tips to Boost Local Search

The new contactless world regime has taught us how important and significant the online sphere is. The importance of virtual space as a platform for real estate sales has experienced a hike in the year 2020. With more people flocking to the real estate field, it has become a very competitive space for sure. Your business showing up on top searches, standing out from other similar uploads, and making a space for yourself when people search for your services are integral to rendering more sales. 

The latest statistics show that almost 90 percent of buyers come from the internet, at least in its initial phase. Only the agents who are well versed with realtor SEO strategies win this race. Workout a well-planned and revised roadmap to make it happen. Earlier the medium for advertisement was mainly newspapers and magazines, but now it’s changed and has its medium in the form of online platforms. This is convenient to an extent. Wonder why?

Because online platforms are now more convenient to access and operate. Moreover, you can track your development and bring changes to your content more easily in this space. But at the same time getting the attention that you deserve is not an easy job and it requires certain tactics. Want to Boost your sales with effective Ad campaigns? Vividreal is here to offer you the best experience Ad campaign strategies. 

We will read more on ways to dominate local search for cracking Real Estate SEO.

15 tips to dominate local search

It is very important to know the developments and technological advancements in your space before you aim to top the rankings. For example, the layout of SERP keeps changing and the ads have been pushed down the visible organic rankings. This has made it difficult to notice or to grab attention.

 1. Put yourselves into the shoes of the buyer and design your content and advertising strategies according to that. Understand what kind of audience you want and make a systematic masterplan on what they might like, what will grab their attention, what sources will they have access to, etc, and then look for ways to top up the SERP.


2. Always study your buyer’s psychology. The ones who look up your content can be categorized into two. One, real buyers and two, stalkers. But these stalkers are potential buyers for the future. So make sure you make your content is appealing enough to drive these people into the first category of buyers.


3. CTA can be a very effective means to enable more engagement to your content. Leave something like a feedback form behind, asking the buyers to fill in their requirements. This will also help you to understand the requirements of your potential buyers.


4. Make sure you receive feedback, reviews, and ratings for your business. While shopping online most of the customers look up for the ones with the most reviews and ratings. This is like an agreement of trust. 


5. Do focus on adding visual content to your business information. This will attain more buyers. Try attaching photos of your property, neighborhood, landmarks, and detailing of equipment and accessories. Make sure to click the best possible photos for these rather than vague or blurred detailing. 

If you cannot produce that mind stirring level content for your sales, our team of content experts can help you churn out the right content for your business.  


6. Add details and content to the point. Mention details like directions, location map, opening and closing hours, details of your social media pages, contact details (try to give more than one contact numbers as backup) categories, details on tender and deposits, etc in your description.


7. Highlight your pros and upper hand details. For example, if you upload property for sale, mention if there are discounts, any added benefits to your locality, availability of certain services, etc. These listed benefits might create positive buying thoughts for customers.


8. Always pay keen attention to your keywords. The keyword is the king of SEO content strategy. You can aid services from various sources like Ahref site explorer to see which keywords generate more clicks and then try to include those in your content. Also, it has been said that longer keywords generate more click. So do your research prior.


9. You should stay focused on posting timely uploads. Lookup for the seasons that generate sales. Like for example, most families shift to new homes during the summer vacation time. So putting up properties during that time shall generate more traffic than during the mid-year season.


10. Don’t forget to add clickable links. This could be of similar properties that you have for sale, or to your social media pages. You can even add pieces of reviews or posts that other people have posted about you. This will enable you to gain more authenticity and trust among buyers.


11. Compelling headlines will help you achieve attention. Pay attention to every single detail that appears on the web page that will enable any user to click on your link.


12. Optimize your site for mobile discovery also. This is because most people, during their initial stage of search happens to use mobile phones. Accessibility is very relevant, otherwise, all of this will reap no good.


13. Try optimizing your page speed. Nobody will like it when your page takes too much time to load. Look for ways to increase your page speed or else you are going to lose so many potential buyers because of this technical backwardness. 


14. Keep checking for the availability of your page, make sure your links are not broken or unavailable due to any kind of technical fallout. To detect and resolve these problems, you may use tools like Google Search console. Also, look for ways to help you build backlinks.


15. Schema markup is something that can help you top search engines. Microdata, when added to any webpage creates an enhanced description of your website appearing in the SERP. These rich snippets have a possibility of making your webpages appear more often and with priority in SERP. Improved visibility of your page can deliver better click-through rates.

Still confused in figuring out the right chords to strike to achieve priority ranking in SERP, fret not, our team of SEO experts will assist you with this. 

Things to look out for

Few things can create a negative impact on your content and marketing and you need to careful not to make those.

  • Keyword Stuffing – do not add irrelevant or even too many keywords in one article.
  • Link buying – this could be a highly risky thing to do and can even cause you penalties.
  • Duplicate Content – be authentic in your advertising strategies and content.
  • Be careful while making modifications. When you modify, make sure the changes that you made doesn’t affect your SERP adversely.

Advertisements are thus an integral mechanism to expand your business and connections and for that, you need to give more attention to quality campaigns and contents. There are a number of online tools like Google Search Console, Yoast, Google lighthouse, Ahref, Moz, Search engine land that can help you resolve problems on these. Remember to build your connection, optimize your social media accounts and track your growth insights. You are ready to rock the Real Estate SEO.

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